Comparative Analysis of Cinema and Other Media

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In the late 90s, the cinema sector was rapidly growing globally with increased attendance in halls (Dunnett & Hoek, 1996).

However, the same cannot be said today as the ever-growing technology has led to the development of new media for entertainment, education, and communication. Specifically, social media has shown significant rise enabling sharing of information worldwide in just a click of a button. The television has also become an essential tool in most homes and has been preferred for entertainment, education, and advertisements (Rossellini n.d.). In this paper, I will argue in support of cinema showing critical advantages over other media.

Cinema gives a unique three-dimensional experience.

Cinema halls have allowed the audience to view images from different angles using 3D glasses in the past and polarized light recently. Kwame Opam argued that the sound and color in this environment creates a kind of attraction that cannot be experienced at the comfort of one's seats and beds at home (Tiffany, Plaugic, Opam, & Robinson, 2017). Undeniably, this experience cannot be felt in written materials like poetry and newspapers as well as still pictures in advertisements. The 3D experience is an aspect that only the cinema industry has invested in and should be an attraction for anyone who wishes for the perfect way to watch that anticipated movie.

Secondly, the cinema hall gives one an opportunity to be in a social crowd hence a livelier experience.

Tiffany et al. argued that being surrounded by people who shared the same emotions made the theatre more enjoyable (2017). Irrefutably, other media cannot provide this opportunity.

In conclusion, it is clear that cinema has unique characteristics that positively help it edge other media.

The 3D viewing and availability of other members in the audience are clear unrivaled examples. Therefore, despite the falling popularity, the cases mentioned above should provide the impetus to theatres.


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