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Advertising is a type of advertisement that showcases a product to a target audience by using visual or audio means of communication. Advertisements are used by businesses to provide their clients with a broad understanding of the benefits and applications of their goods. The recognition that comes with ads propels companies to new heights in terms of the number of people who trust them. Furthermore, ads are funded by companies and organizations that wish to showcase their goods and services. Captivation is the primary target of any commercial within the first few seconds because if the viewer is not pulled in immediately, the venture is deemed a disappointment. Consequently, in this paper, we will be comparing two advertisements and revealing a meaningful argument.

Coca-Cola and Pepsi remain undoubtedly the top brands when it comes to carbonated soft drinks that are worldwide (Coombs & Batchelor, 2014). With two giant brands competing for the top spot, there is bound to be a heated war for supremacy between them. Coca-Cola has been much more successful in selling their brand globally even in Africa. Advertising has always been a major factor in the competition for the two brands, setting apart their products. The methods in which brands market themselves translate highly into their profits and popularity. (Coombs & Batchelor, 2014). Consumers mostly get to know a brand from an advertisement and then, later on, look for it in the market. It is highly unlikely for consumers to buy a product that they have never tried or heard of before. Therefore, this remains one of the main reasons cooperations need to be on top of their advertising game. An appealing advert is the main aim of any service or product provider for with such there is a guarantee for good profits. The two companies are known for their competitive advertisements and subtle digs that they give each other in their commercials.

In analyzing the ads that the two companies have put out, it is clear that their strategies are different and appeal contrarily to customers globally. Coca-Cola came up with the idea of starting a campaign called Share a Coke campaign. The initiative behind the campaign was the idea that drinking coke brought people together across all borders. Also, an advertisement was created by Coke whereby the consumers could buy Coke sodas with their names on the bottles and the world loved the idea. Coke created a phenomenon across the globe where people enjoyed the fact that you can personalize a drink to fit your name and character. Individuals who were not even fans of coca cola become so enticed with the idea of customizing their drink they eventually became coke customers. The adverting of the share a coke campaign spearheaded the new phase on enormous profits and an extreme increase in customer base (Coombs & Batchelor, 2014). At least a thousand most common names in America were printed on the coke bottles and cans to bring the feel that Coke is thinking of them as more than just partners but also as part of the coke a cola family. Consequently, the Coke brand made a brilliant move in creating this idea of personalized drinks, they appealed to people_x0092_s emotions, and that is an effective way to get people to pay attention and spend some money. Coke has always presented itself as a mature brand focused on building the family set up and the idea of bringing and keeping families together in times of leisure (Coombs & Batchelor, 2014).

On the contrary, Pepsi is a different kind of brand as opposed to coke regarding their target audience and this translates it the types of advertising that they do. Pepsi is more appealing to the young freer living consumer whose lifestyle is untamed and a bit wild. In their recent campaign called _x0093_live, for now,_x0094_ it is clear through their advertising that they are appealing to an audience that is more of active and young. Looking at the artist they incorporated in the adverts such as Tori Kelly the singer and James Gordon an NBA player there is a clear distinction between the target audience, and it is not the same as for coke (Shultz, 2015). Pepsi as a brand prides itself on its rich history in pop culture, and for them, the new adverts that came with the _x0093_live for now_x0094_ campaign reflected that. The integration of the brand with top musicians and athletes America is a way for them to communicate to their audience on the standard of their brand and the kind of consumers they have (Shultz,2015). The advertising is done for Pepsi during the life for now campaigns was fantastic in the US although the people from other parts of the world might not quite bond with it since the presentation is more for the pop culture and not just an ordinary person with an ordinary life.

The method coca cola uses in brand promotion has catapulted their product all over the world. People feel like they can connect with advertisements that coke cola do (Coombs & Batchelor, 2014). The sense of connection that they portray with people of different cultures and ethnical backgrounds makes people feel like one just because of coca cola. In Africa the advertising is done in various countries using their various dialects, this has made many people feel like coca cola is a brand that belongs to their respective Nations only to find out that it is a global brand. Pepsi is also known for its amazing advertising and clicking with people from the different ethnic background. The brand Pepsi is known for endorsing successful sports stars as part of their advertising strategy (Shultz, 2015). Pepsi_x0092_s market is also in Africa although they have not totally captured the market quite as much like Coca-Cola.

Pepsi makes people all over the globe feel like they need to be cool and in the know when it comes to matters pop culture in their advertising. The sense that, you is not cool enough for this drink is what most viewers who are of a particular age might fee watching the advertisements. On the other hand, a younger more active generation can click on the ideas in the Pepsi adverts. Coca-Cola has created such an amazing customer base throughout the world because it promotes togetherness. It does not matter the age, culture to ethics coke has mastered the way to make you feel accepted and loved. In Continents such as Africa where many brands from the states have not completely captured, Coke has been able almost to monopolize the carbonated soft drink market. Coke has been able to do this because of their mature family oriented approach to advertising and marketing.


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