Composition of a team

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Roles are behavioral behaviors that people are likely to exhibit in specific ways. Member tasks are unique activities that a team member is supposed to fulfill for their teams. The positions of leaders and stakeholders are distinct (Jorgensen, Frances & Karen 266). Different kinds of teams have different team functions. There are three types of positions: team-building roles, team mission roles, and individualist roles.

Depending on the scope of the mission, team members have a diverse set of skills. Heavy-duty duties, for example, necessitate physical capability, explosive strength, versatility, and stamina. Various team personality traits also determine what kind of roles team members will serve. For instance, agreeableness personality may be a positive trait in developing an effective team (Jorgensen, Frances & Karen 269). This is because agreeable teams have cooperation and trust among them.

Team diversity:

This refers to the aspect of team composition that depicts the differences among team members in terms of attributes. This goes beyond physical appearance to include beliefs and values, expertise and knowledge. Other aspects include power, and social status. Two theories exists that try to explain the effects of these diversities on teams; similar attraction approach and value diversity problem solving approach.

Team size

This is the number of members in a team. The numbers may vary according to the task the team intends to accomplish. Large numbers are good for projects and management teams while smaller teams will be preferred for production tasks.

The most crucial aspect is member ability; this is because they actually deliver the results of teams. Failure in this aspect translates to team failure regardless of team size, team diversity, or member personality.

Question 2: 5 Stages of team Development

Forming stage

Team members at this stage are polite and positive, some of them anxious because they have not understood their roles. This stage can last longer as the members get to know each other (Mackey, 90).


Here members begin to push higher than the standards set at forming phase. This is where most teams break. Conflicts start as a result of different members working styles (Mackey, 90)

. Other causes of storming may be because of jockey for places, or challenging authorities. Others may question the goals of the team and thus refuse taking tasks.

Norming stage

This is where the team may begin to resolve their disagreements, appreciate each other, and respect the authority. Here, teams know each other better and may seek each other’s help. Commitment to team goals is very high here as progress has started to be seen.

Performing stage

In this stage, there’s hard work, and no friction towards to the achievement of the goals of the team. Leaders at this stage delegate work and develop team members (Mackey, 91). This is the stage where feels easy being part of the group.

Adjourning stage

Almost all teams adjourn after accomplishing purposes they were doing (Mackey, 91). Some team members may find it hard especially if they built strong relations.

Question 3: Team states

Team states refer to certain kinds of feelings the team members develop as a result of working together for example psychological safety. There are four team states: cohesion, potency, marital model, transaction memory.


This is also called emotional attachment. It is developed for some reasons like trusting relationships among team members.

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