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Computer Programming

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Computer programming is a technique/process used to create executable pc instructions to solve computer problems. In definition, coding is the mainstay of laptop programming, apps, computer software, and websites. It is the language that interprets commands to technology in practice, such as a video game, a purposeful internet site, or a smart door alarm. This research paper addresses pc programming in children, a phenomenon that is now common in this digital era.
Teaching children programming from a young age affords understanding to their digital world. This paper examines the outcomes of teaching programming to children. It moreover explores the methods employed to do that, and the differences in mode of instruction utilized at different stages and ages of children.
A quantitative approach is used using four sources. The research paper is a secondary one. It is produced with the information gained from highly cited resources. Qualitative methods are employed in the four sources different articles as expounded in the literature review. Two sources are published journal articles. The rest are website articles from sites of high repute. All sources remain relevant as they address prevailing issues in the digital age. Information presented is highly comparable across different sources. Programming also referred as coding, is understood correspondingly in all sources. The sources similarly view the teaching of programming to children as having a valuable effect, when coupled with employment of techniques that make it easy for young learners to understand.

July 24, 2021
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