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In this example, the owner of Le Virty did not appropriately reply to the client's complaints. First and foremost, the owner took the issue personally, and instead of demonstrating that he cares about their customers' needs and tries to address the issue as soon as possible, he went ahead and pointed out the other services that the customer appeared to be satisfied with, and did not address the client's hygiene issue now that the customer was complaining that the pepper had been touched by other people's hands. In such a situation, it does not really matter where the fault is, the owner should respond in such a way to make the customer feel that he or she is appreciated so that other potential customers are able to see how the management of the hotel deals with issues. The owner should also have apologized to the customer.

Question 2

To: Neil Theobald

From: Mark John

Subject: Funding 2016-17

Dear Neil Theobald,

I regret to let you know that after reviewing your request and the available resources on our side, we are not in a position to assist you. We are however pleased with the great work that Temple University is doing.

I wish you and the university success in obtaining assistance from other sources


Mark John

April 19, 2023

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