Cover Letter for a Proposal for the Development of a Speech-to-Text Technology

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Based on the request for proposal posted, this is a cover letter for a proposal for the development of a speech-to-text technology. According to the request for proposal, SC is looking for a firm which can develop, design and implement technological remedies that integrate emerging knowledge in text mechanics, instruction of English language and general articulation of words. The submitting firm has experts in information technology who are capable of integrating a voice recognition software and the English curriculum SC offers in an application. 

Speech-to-text technology has been used effectively in several sectors, but few applications have been made in the education system. The proposed program requires students to migrate from paper writing to use of iPad and personal computers in learning of English language. The proposing company intends to incorporate a voice recognition software with the English curriculum SC offer at the moment. The project will take 31 days to be fully completed and will cost $ 20,545. The integrated application is expected to increase the performance of students in middle and high school level. Further, the program is fit for use by people with various disabilities. Seamus firm should consider this proposed project since it is expected to be profitable. An increase in English performance by students will accelerate the acceptability of the application in schools. The proposed system is also expected to be sold in schools for the disabled students.    

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,


August 01, 2023

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