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I am delighted to show my portfolio as a student in this course. In previous sessions, I had been learning the language as a profession. The English language is a rigorous course that has a huge effect on the lives of many people. There are many things to learn as a career. This letter contains the substance of my course portfolio. I am a conservative learner who quietly processes a lot of knowledge. Notably, the subject has piqued my curiosity as an English student. It has been fun learning the elements of the course such as those aspects of transposing the connection between fiction and reality in the society. I started my career as a junior scholar in English language.

Notably, I can boast of numerous achievements in my area of interest up to this point. In addition, my goals were to achieve better language skills besides good grades and interacting with peers. This way, learning has become a very interesting component of life as one interacts with the daily events within the framework of education. However, every aspect of learning involves both success and failures. I, utterly, failed in my social aspects of interacting with people within my scope of learning. Practically, there some classes, where I said no word at all and that may be detrimental to my hopes as planned earlier on.

I hope that I will further my career and become more interactive. This way, I would accomplish my dreams in the learning centers and rectify the mistakes I made in this course to avoid the regrets in my failures as a learner.

Yours sincerely,

October 13, 2022

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