Criminal Justice: About Antigone

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Criminal justice is a method of safeguarding wrongdoers from prosecutors' misuse and power. Antigone is a lady who did the right thing for her dead brother, but because of the ruler's rules, she was sentenced to death, forcing her to commit suicide at the end of the day. When it comes to doing things that the law of the nation forbids, loyalty to the family raises a slew of difficulties. Antigone defies the order of the King of Thebes, Creone, who ordered that the body of Polynices, a brother of Antigone not to be buried for the claim of being a traitor and hides his body (Anouilh, 2016). On this case, King Creone was correct as the laws of the land supersede everything that comes on the way. Countries have laid down legislation that is to be followed to the end. Polynices getting his army to attack the Thebes was an act of being a traitor of the land. A real patriot should put forward offensive measures to the evil acts of the government but not bring a war to the same country one calls his or her home. Devine laws are made in the minds of believers like Antigone, but laws of the land prevent dangerous activities that may also harm the believers.

What Creone did was for the good of the country. The needs of the vast people must be put ahead of the few so that he may be seen as a good king. Antigone left her mother country in the first place, and that seems to have made her not to be loyal to it after returning (Anouilh, 2016). It is always important to stand for what is wrong or right, but going against one's country’s laws might most probably live a person injured or in the worst scenario like Creone, dead. When it comes to war, patriots tend to fight for the better good of the country, and that is why Antigone’s brother Polynices was deemed as a traitor after bringing a war to his motherland.

It is proved that love of the community was bigger than that of the family after the son of King Creone killed himself after realising that Antigone had hanged herself (Anouilh, 2016). This is so as he could have stood by his father’s decision as a family. It is also proved that friends will always be there to support another in times of hardship. Here we see that the decision of Creone was only respected by the few in his administration but not his family. His wife killed herself when she realised that her son was dead. She stood by the son’s side of the story by all means (Anouilh, 2016). Creone as a leader had people to fight for and protect against all the odds. A community is bigger than only one individual. All that the king did for the good of the community and that one fact is what his family did not understand.

Loyalty always comes with a betrayal. Haemon being a loyal son betrayed his father and went ahead to kill himself for love. His mother, Queen Eurydice also did the very thing after her child's death and left the husband alone in the matter (Anouilh, 2016). Being raised as brothers, Polyneices betrayed Eteocles who was to become the king and attacked the city and made sure that they both died in the fight.

If just all the characters followed the laws of the community, no single one of them would have any problem.


Anouilh, J. (2016). Antigone.

October 07, 2021

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