Critique of PowerPoint Capstone 2

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The power point presentation is reviewed in terms of organization, and suggestions on how to improve on the flaws are made.

Flawed Beginning

Instead of beginning with the issue statement and objectives of the presentation, the presentation begins with a background history and accolades received by the "Chick-fil-a" firm after the title page. The mission, vision, and corporate history should come after the objectives. There should be a remark in the beginning that gives a brief description of what to expect. For example, the power point should mention that the document will include topics such as marketing and management strategy. The word size is small thus making it unclear when projected to a wall screen. The size of the headings should be of size 50 while the words should be between size 32 and 40. Additionally, the words in each slide should have a color that is not obstructed by the "Chick-fil-a" logo in the background.

Distracting Headings

Some of the headings are in lower case while others are in upper case thereby distracting the flow of the various sections in the presentation. For instance, slide 17 has a heading with lowercase letters except for the first word while the following slide 18 has a heading with upper case letter thereby creating confusion to the reader on whether a new topic has started. All the headings should be changed into capital letters.

Improvements on Slides

The size of the pictures is small. Therefore, they should be enlarged and take a more significant portion of the slides. In fact, each of the images should be on their slides expect the mages on slide 14 and 9. Slide 18 is well organized except that the size of the words is small. The bar graph should be enlarged, and the heading of the chart made to be clear. The explanation of the figure can follow on the next page.


In conclusion, the presentation is fairly structured. There are a lot of crucial mistakes such as the small size of the words which must be enlarged. Additionally, the objectives of the paper are not present.

May 10, 2023


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