C.S Lewis in his essay "The Inner Ring"

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In his essay "The Inner Ring," C.S Lewis discusses human beings' need to be admitted into the "inner ring" of the collective that seems to matter most at a given time. If a person is left out or omitted from a club, he or she is unhappy. People's need to be admitted into the inner ring of these communities causes them to say things they should not have said or to refrain from revealing things they should have said. The desire to be accepted into the inner ring of a particular group might also affect the way individuals relate to other people, how they relate at their workplace, and even the relationship that we have in the community and in church. Lewis states the argument directly when he argues that this desire is the cause of the actions that human beings do, he adds that it is one of the main things that are responsible for making up the world as it is. Everything that happens in the world is caused by this desire, the graft, confusion, disappointments, and competition all happen because one wants to be accepted into a particular group. The argument by Lewis can apply to Christian circles and the broader society. Even in Christian community people still want to be taken into the inner rings, many people will do whatever it takes so that they can be accepted. It shapes how the Christian community is formed and how it operates. It is the same case in the broader society; people would like to be accepted to groups that matter to them more at the time. It shapes the way the community is made up and its characteristics.

November 17, 2022

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