Culture Common and Jamestown

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When he was kidnapped by Chief Powhatan's brother, who held him prisoner, John Smith was exploring the newly found territory. As a consequence, the enslaved people were torn between pushing away the white men and establishing a coalition with them. Smith was seated on the field, his head set on a stone and Indian Warriors attempting to attack him before they took away his life. Pocahontas (the daughter of the chief) unexpectedly appears, and she throws herself at Smith to bar the warriors from murdering him. Then she goes to her father and asks him to save the life of the prisoner. Powhatan then accepts and encourages Smith to leave (Williecharger n.p).
Powhatan and John Smith differences Powhatan was a senior man ruling the Indians of the new land. In contrast, Smith was a young European, holding a prominent position among the whites visiting the new area. Secondly, Powhatan, as a leader, was well protected by the warriors from any harm. Thus, it was hard for the enemy to attack him. Smith, on the hand, was captured easily by the tribes' men because he was exploring the new land all alone without any protection.

Does Pocahontas "save" John Smith in the film, or is it part of an elaborate ritual?
The clip depicts Smith as having a mistaken interpretation of a sacrificial ceremony. According to facts, there was a rite where young Indian males were taken through a mock execution before a sponsor could save the victims. Therefore, if Pocahontas played the role of a sponsor, it would explain the special relationship that developed between her, Smith and the colonists. She continued assisting them whenever a crisis occurred and continuously warned the colonists and Smith about her father's warriors planned ambush (Lewis n.p).
Do you believe this event ever actually occurred?
Yes, the event took place. First, John Smith is favored as an honest man. His descriptions of Early Virginia and Eastern Europe have been depicted as accurate. Therefore, why would some historians want to convict him of falsehood for writing that Pocahontas saved him? Adams and Deane did not believe Smith, arguing that between 1608 and 1612, when Smith initially wrote of his captivity, he portrayed chief Powhatan as a favorable man and never mentioned about how Pocahontas saved him, until after she had died with her husband.
The argument enveloped by two main flaws resulting from Adam and Deane’s anachronistic historical methods. One, the two assumed that the episode of Pocahontas would have been necessary for the 17th century to the Englishmen as it was to the Americans in the 29th century; hence, failure to mention it shows that it never happened. However, in the days of Smith, the story did not take the romantic dimension that it assumed in later centuries. As such, it should not be a surprise that he left the bits out. Two, Adam and Deane accuse Smith of inconsistency in his writings because, in one book, he says he had enough Venison to serve 10 men, only to argue in later years that it was enough for 20 men. Nonetheless, during Smith’s time, writers who followed the Jacobean, Romantic style did not pay close attention to search details. What is important is that it was a lot of venison (Birchfield n.p).

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