Database Management System

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The RDBMS is a modern database technology that is mainly used on the database software for processing of data. There are numerous types of RDBMS software that are based on the specific technology. They are Ingress, Sybase, MS Access, MS SQL Server DB2, and Oracle. The main strength with the RDBMS is that the data is represented in a simple logical construct: tables and relations. From the theatrical point of view, each relation set can manipulate using the set theory like the intersection of sets and the unions. The RDBMS is taken to be a collection of well-organized tables based on the user’s point of view. There is no relationship between tables since they are independent entities.

The data available in the table can be retrieved using the data language (query). The query also allows data manipulation. The data language is non-procedural because it only specifies what needs to be done but not necessary the procedure of the tasks to be performed. The data manipulation language is used to manipulate data.

In summary, the RDBMS provide the multiuser accessibility that can be controlled by individual users, it allows the sharing the common column of numerous tables (foreign key and primary key), it offers a virtual table creation in which important and profound data can be kept. The RDBMS also offers indexes for quicker data retrieval and it persists the data in the form of columns and rows

The Major Vendors of RDBMS

There numerous vendors that produce the RDBMS. The products sourced from the different sources vary based on their cost and capabilities. Some of the products are open source while others are proprietary. Some of the leading vendors in RDBMS include:

RDBMS Vendor

RDBMS product



Sybase 11


PostgreSQL Dvlp Grp






Microsoft Corporation

SQL Server


Oracle Corporation









Sybase is a firm of services and software that produces software to analyze and manage information, the firm produces the Sybase 11. MySQL is produced by the MySQL AB and its cost is estimated to be 5000 dollars. Microsoft produces the SQL server and sells at a price of 7128 dollars. INFORMIX is produced by INFORMIX Software Company. The Oracle which is a free RDBMS is produced by Oracle Corporation (Hussain & Khan, 2014). The cost of the RDBMS products are priced differently in various companies based on their level of sophistication. The users have a wide range of products to choose from.

 What Make RDBMS ‘Rational?’

The RDBMS is rational because it gives the users a chance to categorize and store data that can be filtered and queried to extract the specific information or report. The RDBMS is also easier to extend because they do not rely on the physical organism. A new data category can be included without all the prevailing applications being modified. The elements of the RDBMS that overarch the basic relational database are so intrinsic to operate. Most of the RDBMS functions are related to delete, update, read, and create operations (Rahman & Tomar, 2017). They create a foundation of well elaborated and organized system that encourages a consistent use of data. The RDBMS majorly offers metadata collections and data dictionaries that is necessary for data handling. These programmatically support well-defined data relationships and structure. 


Hussain, A., & Khan, M. (2014). Discovering Database Replication Techniques in RDBMS. International Journal Of Database Theory And Application, 7(1), 93-102. doi: 10.14257/ijdta.2014.7.1.09

Rahman, R., & Tomar, D. (2017). Scalable Security Analytics Framework Using NoSQL Database. International Journal Of Database Theory And Application, 10(11), 27-46. doi: 10.14257/ijdta.2017.10.11.03

September 11, 2023


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