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Individual items from the new scale to assess political trust and each of the validating measures are displayed first in SPSS (Variable View), followed by overall scores for the validating measures at the conclusion.

The overall scores generated by the data are averages. For example, if there were ten items, they were totaled up and then divided by ten. i.e., ((item1 + item 2.....item10)/10) You will need to calculate the overall score and/or factor scores for the new political measure, which will be dependent on the final result of your factor analysis.

SPSS variables: Demographics:



Voting affiliation and behaviour:

Check the Label and Values columns in SPSS for more information.

PoliticalAffiliation (hypothetical range of 0 [Left wing] to 100 [right wing])



NextElection (hypothetical range of 0% to 100%)

New measure of trust in politicians:

From SelfInt1 to Integ5

These are the items to use for the EFA

Items with R at the end were reverse-scored. This has already been done so you do not need to modify these items.

General Trust

Individual items: GenTrust1 to GenTrust6

Overall score: GeneralTrust

Yamagishi, T., & Yamagishi, M. (1994). Trust and commitment in the United States and Japan. Motivation and Emotion, 18(2), 129-166.

Political Trust (adapted from the American National Election Studies political trust measure)

Individual items: PolTrust1 to PolTrust5

Overall score: PoliticalTrust

Five factor model of personality


Overall scale name

N1 – N6


E1 – E6


O1 – O6


A1 – A6


C1 – C6


Mullins-Sweatt, S. N., Jamerson, J. E., Samuel, D. B., Olson, D. R., &Widiger, T. A. (2006). Psychometric properties of an abbreviated instrument of the five-factor model. Assessment, 13(2), 119-137.

Conspiratorial Ideation

Items: Conspiracy1 – Conspiracy 15

Overall score: ConspiratorialIdeation

Brotherton, R., French, C. C., & Pickering, A. D. (2013). Measuring belief in conspiracy theories: The generic conspiracist beliefs scale. Frontiers in Psychology, 4, 1-15.


Items: Populism1 – Populism6

Overall score: Populism

Akkerman, A., Mudde, C., &Zaslove, A. (2014). How populist are the people? Measuring populist attitudes in voters. Comparative Political Studies, 47(9), 1324-1353.

Support for a carbon tax

A single item (CarbonTax) was used to assess how supportive people are for a carbon tax.

Hammar, H., &Jagers, S. C. (2006). Can trust in politicians explain individuals' support for climate policy? The case of CO2 tax. Climate Policy, 5(6), 613-625.

April 26, 2023


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