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Question 1 of Industrial Management Flow Chart Appointment Failure

Waiting for work to be completed

Make a Reservation

The meeting has been scheduled and completed.

Payment of Bills

Obtain Notification

Appointment Accepted

Some shortcomings that dealerships may present to their customers include:

When a customer lodges a complaint, no one can answer their concerns quickly.

At some point, the dealership may fail to deliver to clients on time.

Customers can easily be harmed if the dealership employs counterfeit parts.

A company's lack of concern for its customers may also be considered as a possible failure.

General client dissatisfaction with service delivery.

Poke-yokes to avoid customer failure

Proper customer care training of the dealership staff on how to handle customers

A listening and caring service advisors must be enforced

A simple and non-misleading work flow processes have to be established

Always deliver to the customers on the record time

Quality control should inspect all vehicle parts to make sure they are genuine

Always treating customers with special offers and gifts

Question 2

In manufactured goods design process, there are three basic components such as marketing, design, and manufacturing while service processes may include both external and the internal activities.

The design of service can be approached through the integration of the basic components within the available resources. Especially human resource components like employee behavior and judgment.

Question 3

Kaizen is a Japanese phrase for improvement and its philosophy has always been used in most business practices. It is basically a strategy that companies use to evaluate their improvement.

The difference, between Kaizen and Kaizen Blitz is how they are implemented. For the case of Kaizen, a business focuses mainly on the little improvements the company makes over time. On the other hand, Kaizen Blitz is more reactive and focuses mainly on one thing at a time. That is, if a business gets a challenge, the blitz model focuses and diverts all the improvement resources to solve the problem first, Omotayo (2017).

Question 4

Work design refers to the arrangement of layout and tasks within a workplace with an aim to discourage monotony. On the other hand, job design refers to the manner in which an entire job, or a group of tasks is arranged or organized (Güntert and Stefan 76).

According to the Hackman and Oldham model, the tasks themselves are directly associated with the employee motivation. This means that challenging tasks can encourage motivation while monotonous tend to stifle motivation.

Question 5

Empowerment may refer to the processes by which employees in an organization are granted the opportunity to take part in the company's decision making process. Empowerment basically gives employees a certain degree of responsibility and autonomy.

Benefits of empowerment

High quality of work due to openness between employees and supervisors/managers

High level of collaboration as a result of employee involvement in contributing to the success of the company

Reduced costs as employees tend to put their loyalty to the company

According to the article Handbook of Employee Commitment by Laschinger et al. (2016), empowered employees feel the accountability and responsibility they have, a subsequent improvement in productivity will be experienced.

Works Cited

Güntert, Stefan T. "The impact of work design, autonomy support, and strategy on employee outcomes: A differentiated perspective on self-determination at work." Motivation and Emotion 39.1 (2015): 74-87.

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May 24, 2023


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