Declaration of Independence and "Emancipation Proclamation"

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The speaker of the speech “I have a dream” is Martin Luther King Junior. The rhetorical state of affairs are the outcomes of “Declaration of Independence” and “Emancipation Proclamation” which were meant to set the Negro slaves free and carry equality among Americans, however, one hundred years later, Americans are still slaves in their own country. Martin Luther King makes use of rhetorical situations to ensure the audience is familiar with his point of argument.
Due to the rising cases of racism, discrimination, and absence of freedom, Martin Luther King persuades Americans from all States and Cities to unite and end discrimination. The speech was once delivered during a march for jobs and freedom for Americans in Washington. He establish personal credibility via restating his reputation as a citizen who have been affected by the actions of the government. He also alludes the bible and referring to Abraham Lincoln’s speech. Moreover, he constantly refers to the “Emancipation Proclamation”. Through the speech, Martin Luther comes out as a knowledgeable man who not only understands the challenges facing the Negros but also what all Americans need as far jobs and freedom are concerned. The intentions of the speaker was to bring Americans together to rise for their economic and civil rights. He persuades the audience to unite and end racism and discrimination.

The main idea of the speech is that is hundred years since Americans got their independence yet racism, discrimination, and lack of freedom still controls the lives of Americans. The speaker urge Americans to unite and fight for the economic and civil rights and end discrimination. He react to emotions by using quotes from the bible which not only instills beliefs but also connect with the audience emotions. Through repetition, emphasis, allusion, logos, and reference to past events, Martin Luther King captures the attention of the audience while at the same time delivering a message to bring end to racism and discrimination in America. The speaker have fulfilled his intentions since the audience found the message so appealing.

July 24, 2021

Politics Racism

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