Dental Research

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The story is about my enamel which was the root of deep pain and displeasure that I experienced. I kept on attempting to rip it off by use of my hands without success. It used to be not stable as it kept on swinging to and fro in a disrespectful manner mocking my incapability to rip it out. This was my first tooth as a baby, and it was going to fall out, a state of affairs I could not wait. My expectation came to be one day in the course of dinner when I was eating. I felt a short pain which got here as a shock in my jaw. I pulled the piece of meat out of my mouth and stared at it. Looking keenly at the piece of meat, I saw my stubborn tooth sticking on it. I pulled a huge smile and rushed to my father putting the tooth in his hand. My father laughed and congratulated me while at the same time inserting his hand in his pocket searching for something. His hand came out holding a twenty dollar bill, which he confidently handed to me. Compared to my age at that moment, 20 dollars was a considerable sum of money that I had ever held. I happily took the money and rushed upstairs while pocketing it, I then headed directly to the mirror in the bathroom. I put on a smile as I looked at my teeth and the gap left by the missing tooth. I did not know the value of my teeth. I could not tell what I wanted to know about my teeth, for that reason, I returned in a rush downstairs where the guests and my parents were having the meal. I then called out my father, and upon the reply, I asked him about the number of teeth that I had been left with.

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Sometimes back, my cousin stayed a continent away, and the moments we could get together were minimal. Over and over again, we would meet up once in a year for some few days at our grandmother’s home; this was during Eid al-Adha. Conversely, during one summer I was able to visit him in his home at a place called Malatya. This meeting made me as excited as this would be the longest time I saw him in a couple of years. During this short time, my cousin was able to take me out to the places where he liked visiting. The place was on the outskirts of the town, which meant that we were to pass through various streets and past barbecue area. The location was old-fashioned, similar to a vine-garden. We moved past several families roasting meat and approached the basin. I cannot vividly remember my expectations of the place, but I did not expect a dock. At the center of the depression was a lake with an abandoned pier erected alongside it, wood rotting as well as metal rusting. We skipped stones over the water, seating on the edge of the lake, staring at the little asylum positioned there. I did not find a reason to appreciate it at that time as my thoughts were on things I was supposed to do, which were inclusive of assignments as well as other obligations. Nonetheless, this is the memory that I look back with more liking than the way I perceived it at that moment. It was comfortable, seating beside the pier, adjacent to water, in a late afternoon breeze by being there and enjoying each other’s company.

August 09, 2021

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