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Web Design

Part A

To create a visually appealing, coherent and user friendly information template that has the ability to successfully sell the brand name of an organisation is a task that requires competency and creativity. These core requirements of an information template are met with the use of the critical principles of web design. The five aspects discussed in this part include spacing, precedence, navigation, usability and typography.

Spacing refers to the quality of the template to use the available space to communicate the critical information. Care should be taken by the designer to ensure that the visitor is not overloaded with information. Such aspects like padding, line spacing and the use of white space are considered in this principle (Williams, 2015). The second principle is precedence which details the function for which a template is created. A superior web design guides the users in accessing the information they are searching for with ease through proper use of the logo and menus and the necessary steps to be followed in achieving what they seek in the site (Sklar, 2014). Navigation is a principle that allows the web to direct the visitor on how to access further information and includes such aspects as links to internal or external pages, headings and menu. Typography refers to the use of font type, spacing, font size, color, and text length to enhance the appeal of the template (Sklar, 2014). Usability emphasizes the significance of a template to enable the user access the desired information and involves the appropriate use of all of the four discussed principles.

Part B

The use of Photography and graphics in a website is a creative way of communicating with use of little verbose (Sklar, 2014). Successful use of photography in a website depends on the relationship between the photos and the intended information being communicated, the proper use of colors and their quality as well as the ability of the images to readily load (Williams, 2015). Some of the questions to consider when evaluating the appropriateness of photography in a web page include: what is the size of the photo? In which file format is the photo stored? Can the image be resized? What is the resolution of the image? Is the website where the photo will be used responsive? What is the relationship between the photo and the intended communication in the web page?

Part C

The effectiveness with which Camel Mission Inn website uses photography is unmatched. It is easy for clients to want to spend their time out in this hotel not by reading the contents in the website but by being captured by the photos used. With the ability of the photos to readily navigate and show the various sections of the hotel including the dining area, pool area and the rooms catches the eye which retains the visitor to read other important information like rates, booking information among others.


Williams, R. (2015). The non-designer's design book: design and typographic principles for the visual novice. Pearson Education.

Sklar, J. (2014). Principles of Web Design: The Web Warrior Series. Cengage Learning.

May 02, 2023


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