differences between right-to-work and employment-at-wil

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1. What is the difference between right-to-work and employment-at-will?

On the one hand, the right-to-work refers to the authority of a union and employer to require a member of a certain bargaining unit to pay union dues whether or not the member chooses to do so (Mann & Roberts, 2015). While employment-at-will gives both the employer and the employee the freedom to end a working relationship anytime they see fit, the former is the more common situation. In order to accomplish this, either side may decide to discontinue the agreement without necessarily providing the other party with a reason (Mann & Roberts, 2015).

2. Describe agency relationships in business.

An agency relationship is a contract where the principal legally authorizes the agent to act on their behalf when working with a third party (Mann & Roberts, 2015).

3. Evaluate employer and independent contractor relationships.

An employer-employee relationship is an engagement where the employer excises direct control over the employee. To this end, the employer can hire, promote or fire the employee when they deem it fit (Dibben, Wood & Klerck, 2011). In contrast, an independent contractor relationship involves the payer controlling only the result of the deliverable but not what deliverable is to be achieved or how it is to be achieved (Dibben, Wood & Klerck, 2011).

4. Describe the collective bargaining and the federal laws that pertain to employee rights.

Collective bargaining entails the process through which workers come together and make a deal with the government or top management related to working conditions (Dibben, Wood & Klerck, 2011). The Fair Labor Standards Act and Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) are among the key federal laws pertaining to employee rights. The Fair Labor Standards outlines the normal working hours and compensation for employees and compensation for overtime hours worked (Dibben, Wood & Klerck, 2011). The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) protects workers from being discriminated in the workplace solely because of their disability (Dibben, Wood & Klerck, 2011).


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approach. Kogan Page Publishers.

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February 01, 2023
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