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Companies use many advertising tactics to reach their customers. They advertise to inform customers about a product, raise sales, promote the brand, and gain market share. The Pepsi advertisement was the only one that used the endorsement advertising strategy. This is due to the fact that it has used Beyoncé, a well-known superstar, to enlighten and persuade clients. Endorsing Beyoncé to communicate her feelings may persuade buyers to purchase the Pepsi beverage. The company's goal is to impact sales. Customers may be persuaded to purchase because Beyoncé has tried it. CDC used the emotional appeal technique to inform the target audience about how smoking can be dangerous to one’s body. The marketer has used a lady whose health has deteriorated. The aim of the advertiser is to shock the smokers so that they can stop the action after they see what smoking can do to their health ad body. The aim of the ad is to create awareness to the viewers on effects of smoking. The McDonalds commercial “McDonald's is better than Burger King” implemented the facts advertising technique. This is because it is showing how the kid is enjoying eating the McDonalds fries than the Burger King and how other kids are after his McDonalds fries. Using the words “McDonald's is better than burger king” can convince a customer to try the two to determine whether it is true. This comparison clue can influence sales as the target customers will go buy the McDonalds to determine whether they are really better than Burger King (Kassel, 2005).
The CDC ad is the most effective form of advertising. This is because it is about the truth. Viewers are able to see the effects of smoking from the ad lady and thus an effective form of advertising (Winston & Granat, 2014). 
The three-hit theory has been well implemented in the ads. This is because the three ads have informed the customers, shown the relevance of the products being advertised and its benefits (Jansen, 2011). Pepsi is a drink and from the ad, customers are informed of the brand. From the ad, its relevance and benefits are that it is a source of energy. The CDC ad informs smokers of the dangerous effects. Its relevance and benefits are revealed on the health of the lady in the ad as her health are bad which is due to smoking. The McDonalds ads have also used the three hit theory effectively. This is because it informs the customers on the quality of its fries. This is portrayed on how the poor kid is left with nothing when others take all the fries. This also shows its relevance and benefits.

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