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I certainly agree that technical advancements have fundamentally altered the corporate landscape. ICTs, or information and communication technologies, have effectively reduced the entire world to a single town. Entrepreneurs and businesspeople were encouraged to collaborate virtually over Skype or instantly share information through Google Docs and social media/business networking sites, which facilitated efficient corporate operations. ICT developments reduced communication barriers to build a better foundation for better business facilities (Newman and Ober 18). Now, businesspeople may have discussions about any topic at any time or location. Such is the bestowment of improvements in the communication technology that affected the business world incredibly. Response to 2nd peer:

I do agree with the peer for stressing on the need of agile project management. It gives a kind of security to the business deals in operation especially with business persons of other countries. Fluctuating markets and unpredictable business plans could be very much threatening to the business process and can harm it within no time. In order to tackle such possibilities, agile management is carried with the use of up-to-date technologies for instant, immediate, and improved communication between the business parties. That is why such strategy is very much essential for any business establishment to assure security to its setup. In other words, advancements in communication technology paved enhanced way for effective agile management for improved business policies and opportunities.

Works cited

 Newman, Amy, and Ober Scott. Business Communication: In Person, In Print, Online. 8th ed. Mason: South-Western, 2013. 18. Print.

March 02, 2023


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