Divergent Book Review

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In this dystopian YA novel, a young woman named Tris Prior lives in a future world, where society is divided into five factions. Tris joins the Dauntless faction and pursues the virtue of bravery. During her initiation, she learns that she is a Divergent, a subset of the human population. She must hide her identity, which can be dangerous, in order to stay in her chosen faction. The story will keep you guessing until the end, as the plot unravels and a war threatens the future of this society.

The story is based on a novel by Veronica Roth, which she wrote when she was in college. The trilogy focuses on the effects of the outbreak of a dystopian society, questions of identity, and the role of religion in the conflict. The Divergent trilogy has a massive fan following, and a three-part movie adaptation, starring Shailene Woodley as the titular character. The trilogy is currently a phenomenon, with over ten million copies sold as of January 1, 2014. In addition to being the best-selling YA novel of all time, the film has made over $300 million worldwide, and is currently in the process of making a sequel, starring Evan Daugherty and Jennifer Lawrence.

Unlike the normal person, a Divergent has an ability to change their DNA and resurrect from a genetic mutation. Tobias Eaton, meanwhile, is not a Divergent. His DNA has been mutated, which gives him the ability to resist serums. Divergents are highly prized, and are likely to be killed if they are discovered. The movie is set in the future, and the characters must choose a faction at the age of sixteen.

A common example of divergent evolution is the Galapagos finches. Charles Darwin's Beagle voyage to the Galapagos islands led him to conclude that the species he found there diverged from the descendants. While both species share many similarities, the Galapagos finches evolved beaks and structures that were more suited to their diet. Divergent evolution promotes biodiversity by creating new species. The book will also inspire fans of the theory.

As part of the training, Tris is matched with a man named Four. Tobias has suffered from a childhood beating by Marcus Eaton. Tris passes the final test, and is officially recruited by the Dauntless. The Dauntless subsequently inject Beatrice with an Erudite serum that gives them the ability to track and manipulate others. Abnegation is terrified of Divergents, as they threaten the social order.

In order to understand the benefits of divergent thinking, it's important to understand its basis. The process of divergent thinking is characterized by the abstraction of categories. The reorganization of concepts leads to new ideas. Divergent thinking helps you come up with a variety of solutions that are more creative than one might have thought possible. It also fosters creativity, which is essential to a successful business. But, in order to harness the power of divergent thinking, you need to know what makes it different from convergent thinking.

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