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Donald Trump Wanting to Change Barak ObamaCare

Obamacare regarded as Affordable Care Act is areform strategy that President Obama launched on 23rd March 2010. Its main goal was to transform the health region through improved technological health offerings and reduced cost for the health service. However, Trump ordered its closure to reduce its burden on Americans.
I chose this event because low priced and quality health care is a key industry in any country. President Donald Trump neglected the request made by retired President Obama to retain Affordable Care Act. President Trump issued the executive order to dismantle the package since he claimed that it is a waste of American money. However, the laws protect the care, and the government needs a long procedure before dismantling it. In fact, a lot of debate is expected between the Democrats and Republican. The only venue for him is to collaborate with the Health Secretary to alter a section of the care.

What happened is that immediately after President Trump’s inauguration parade, he issued instructions to the federal government to roll out the ACA “to the maximum extent permitted by law” (Kliff para.1). In fact, he directed the federal agencies to begin taking necessary steps by using their administrative authority to unwind ACA. The statement revealed that the Trump’s administration does not want or wait for the Congress to make changes in the act. Consequently, he wants the agencies to use any authorities within their power to dismantle any section that would create a fiscal burden on ant state.

The change I would make if given a chance is to retain ACA but bring down the cost. That is, insurers should choose to limit the number of hospitals and doctors whom they cover in their plan. Health insurance is expensive in the US since the hospitals and physicians charge higher compared to their counterparts in foreign countries.

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July 24, 2021

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