Dove's Approach to Branding and Engagement

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Dove is a subsidiary of Unilever

Dove is a subsidiary of Unilever, which is its parent company. It is associated with personal care and it target women of any shape, age and size its customer base. The management of this company has set out a strong promotion strategy using 4Ps that has enabled them to reach to as many customers as possible across the globe.


This company has strong brand awareness in the market, which has been used to reach out to many potential customers; such awareness has been possible due to advertising and branding. The marketing and success of this brand depend of the marketing policies that are formulated by the management of this organization. They create an effective environment for advertisements and campaigns that play huge role in increasing brand visibility as well as creating a positive impact in customers’ mind (Srijumpa & Repeeporn).

In Dove, advertisements of various products are done on several channels of radio and television. Besides, print media are used as well in the marketing of products, which is done through ads in magazines, newspaper as well as billboards. Advertisement emphasize on customers as well as their reaction after they have used the product. Their acceptability of any product from Dove enables the customers to have a good impression and are convinced about the authenticity of the product.

The decision of the management to use unusual promotional policy for the products has been of great help. Instead of using celebrity as it is the case with the competitors, the management decided to go with the ordinary woman who ends up looking extraordinary after using these products. most of the ads used, they are well designed and apply the word “Real beauty”, which has played a significant role in boosting confidence of the customers in Dove. Besides, the management has created pages in Facebook and twitter as well as other social platform, where it has many fans who find it a good platform to learn about various products in the company (Srijumpa & Repeeporn).


Dove has a well-integrated strategy for its product, which include keeping the price affordable, distinctive and reasonable. In comparison to the products of most of competitors, the product in Dove Company have a bit higher price but the products are more qualitative, which have been of great help to the brand because the management has successfully implemented its pricing policy. Women are willing to spend money on personal care product from this company because it is effective in enhancing its beauty. The management of Dove has adopted a value-added pricing policy for entire products since most clients relate high price with qualitative products (Ho & Hsuan-Fu).


This company is an international brand, its network spread in different countries across the world. the countries where manufacturing of its product mainly takes place include south Africa, united states, Thailand, Philippines, turkey, Netherlands, Pakistan, Ireland, Indonesia, Mexico, Israel, Germany, Canada, India, Australia, china, Argentina and brazil. The products are sold in almost ninety countries through efficient and fine distribution channel. This includes from manufactured, retailers and finally to consumers through general retail stores, discount stores, convenient stores, mall, hypermarkets and supermarkets. The retailers have a responsibility of ensuring that the products are to customers in their stores with the help if around 2500 stockists (Nuseir, Mohammed and Hilda Madanat).


There are different products manufactured in the Dove Company. They include primary ingredients such as synthetic surfactants, vegetable oils, zero levels of pH, and salts of animals’ fat as well as 1/4th moisturizing cream. The company dealt with products related to women though it some cases there are products that are used by men. The management is committed in providing the products to help women enhance their beauty. Some of the products include;

Hair care products such oxygen moisture conditioner.

Products for facial care such as Deep Pure Face Wash.

Beauty bars such as original cream beauty as well as Go Fresh Bathing Bar.

Lotions/moisturizer such as warm Vanilla Body Lotion, Go Fresh Bathing lotion and purely pampering Shea butter.

Antiperspirants/deodorants such as original antiperspirant deodorant stick.

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