Early Romanesque and Medieval

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The Equestrian painting of Charles the Bald is a statue made from gold and black bronze that is small from the medieval period, specially in the 9th century. The Equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius is also an historic statue made of bronze. The two statues compare significantly and depict exclusive personalities of the two rulers. First and foremost, they differ in size such that the portrait of Charles the Bald is about 24 centimeters in height while the different is about 4.24 meters tall. In addition to that, the rider in the statues of Charlemagne is depicted with a sword in his right arm where the rider in that of Marcus Aurelius holds nothing. This difference portrays Marcus as all-conquering without weapons and more of a peacemaker rather than a military hero. Equestrian portraits are essential in the Roman traditions as they depict personalities of the ancient rulers. For example, Charles the Bald is brought out as an authoritarian whereas Marcus Aurelius is seen as an intellectual.

The kneeling figure of Hatshepsut depicts a fascinating custom of the Egyptian culture from around 1473 to 1458 BC. The figure which is about 8 inches shows her as an Egypt male pharaoh. The figure of the Virgin, on the other hand, represents Mary the mother of Jesus, and it is curved to symbolize a woman. It represents a central object of worship whereas that of Hatshepsut portrays a ruler. However, the two pictures have a similarity such that both have vital roles in their respective societies. The Virgin Mary was the mother of Christ and Christians believe that she conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit. Hatshepsut, on the other hand, was a ruler who is part of the line of pharaohs. Therefore, the Virgin Mary is brought out as maternal whereas Hatshepsut as an authoritarian.

Romanesque (from Roman) is a type of architectural style that conquered the Western Europe in the eleventh and twelfth centuries. This period was coined in the nineteenth century to reflect Romanesque buildings as having a strong sense of order and proportion (Charles, Carl, 200). These structures have very distinct characteristics. As seen in the St Albans Cathedral, they have walls of immense thickness and very few openings that are comparatively small. In some Romanesque structures flying buttresses have been used in order to offer better support as in the case of the Durham Cathedral. As mentioned earlier there are few openings such as in the Autun Cathedral whereby pointed arches have been extensively utilized. In addition to that, columns play a vital role in this type of architecture. There are various types of columns used a namely drum, salvaged and hollow core columns. These columns can be used together with piers (used to support arches) in alteration to create magnificent structures such as the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain and Durham Cathedral in England. Most of the buildings have wooden roofs with different vaults such as barrel, groin ribbed or pointed arched vaults.

In conclusion, the Gothic sculpture was integrated into Romanesque buildings. Gothic art emerged and developed during the mid-12 century in the North of France. This type of art existed on the walls of abbeys and cathedrals in the form of monumental sculpture. It is believed to have arisen as a result of the masons’ efforts to solve the challenges related to supporting ceiling vaults. The Gothic sculpture creates an awareness of the antique Roman models.

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