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The organization of economic activities under Feudalism

Feudalism, a culture of its kind, is primarily characterized by the exploitation of marginalized and vulnerable members of society by the dominant or rather the political privileged in society and by the deepest origins in Western and Central Europe over the Middle Ages (Takata 68). In this respect, the degree to which the authority was exercised was determined by land. At that time, the economy was predominantly agriculture, and social stratification was heavily established. In other words, the market economy formed part of society that means that land is important to society's well-being. As such, the introduction of serfdom and similar institutions had a profound impact in the medieval economy (Hunt & Colander 229). Nevertheless, the economy thrived and transformed with agriculture being the basis of the market economy. The system however subjected the peasants to depend their meager pieces of land and that of their masters in deriving their living. In addition, and based on the fact that the entire estates were heavily controlled by the lords, the system also allowed them to have the full land rights and the right to have full control over the peasants (Takata 69). This is especially considering that the estates were designed in the manner that it facilitated the production of horticultural products. In this vein, to ensure that a civil order was effectively maintained, the lords had the full authority over the workers within the lands or rather the estates and the land itself as well. Eventually and basically as a result of the many challenges of the time, majority of the laborers were forced to give up their land in exchange of protection and other essential requirements.

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Works cited 

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April 12, 2021

Medieval Europe

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