Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles' Eleanor Rigby

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You've heard the Eleanor Rigby song, but are you sure what it means? The lyrics are ambiguous. Is it a love song or a protest song? Which version is better? Read on to find out. There's a lot more to this song than meets the eye, so you'll want to make sure that you know what you're listening to. After all, if it's a love song, it means something.

Paul McCartney's lead vocal

The character in "Let It Be" is the lead vocalist for Paul McCartney's song, "Eleanor Rigby." She was originally named Miss Daisy Hawkins, but her name was changed to Ola Na Tungee when she died. The character was based on a real person named Eleanor Bron, who played the part of a child orphan in the film "Help!" She was found dead in a cementery in Woolton, England. Later, she was buried at St Peter's Parish Church.

George Harrison's backing vocal

One of the best known Beatles songs is "Eleanor Rigby," and George Harrison's backing vocal can be heard on the track. The song is an emotional ode to a girl who lost her love to a sex offender. It features a classic British ballad and was written by John Lennon. This classic LP is one of the most famous and best-selling of all time.

Ray Charles' version

In 1968, Ray Charles recorded "Eleanor Rigby" with his Raelettes, adding soul, R&B, and call-and-response action to the song. The song made its way into the U.S. Top 40 and peaked at No. 35. The song was featured on the May 2012 digitally restored edition of the 1968 film "Yellow Submarine."

George Harrison's version

In 1966, the Beatles released "Eleanor Rigby," the single from their upcoming album Revolver. The song became a hit in the UK, reaching the number one spot for four weeks. It peaked at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was featured in the film Yellow Submarine and its music video. Although it has been covered several times, no other version of "Eleanor Rigby" has gained as much success as Harrison's version.

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Father McKenzie's version

The book and film have a definite kinship. Although it is written by a different author than the original book, Father McKenzie acknowledges the similarities in the two stories. The plot revolves around the depressed, lonesome Eleanor, who hides her feelings in a jar. As she dies alone, Father McKenzie is also lonely, but he does not show it.

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