Emergency treatment options for pediatric traumatic brain injury

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Education plays a critical role in the prospect of improving the life of a person and providing the child's growth model with a directive. The provision of special education is a crucial support for a child living with disabilities only a parent should provide. This class of children is frequently frustrated by the different challenges they face in a community learning environment. The majority of these children, however, face the challenge of completing standardized tests. These tests are often structured differently compared to the ways that they confront and process information. The provision of special education will then pave the way to educational success for such class of students. Introduction of training and other extra curriculum activities to the child will help in the development of the brain. The application of different therapies will guide the development of a child as the children with a fragile X syndrome (FXS) have a high risk for social skill syndrome. It often happens due to intellectual impairments and secondary conditions.

According to the findings documented by researchers, traumatic brain injuries claim the majority of children’s lives at their early stages of living. It is further considered as the leading killer in every pediatric age group except those below the age of one. Feeding is also a significant factor to the development of a child’s mental condition as their cells require particular nutrients to guide their growth. Nevertheless, food security is another player to the type of disabilities that may arise during the child’s growth process. However, early detection of the problem and treatment will help minimize the costs that the parent may incur at a later date. The differences in the parent's incomes demonstrate the feeding that the child is likely to receive in relation to the model of development witnessed. Furthermore, the parent’s personalities are accounted for in the development of a child and the attainment of education in society. According to the authors, food security in various homes and schools is associated with the child’s emotional problems and not the cognitive problems initiated from their homes.

Problem Statement

The study examines the effects of Traumatic Brain Injury to a child and the best ways that a parent or teacher can apply in improving the child’s abilities to learn. Ideal theories are to be applied by the trainers to improve the child’s conditions compared to the children of their grades in school. There is a necessity to emphasize on the nutrition aspect and the food security factor to the development of a child’s brain. Limited attention will increase the spread of the disability in the child, hence high costs incurred by the parents in improving the child’s health status. What measures can then be applied by the parents to improve the child’s health, reducing the attainment of trauma among the school-aged children?

Best practices for working with the disability

Initiation of sensitization programs will help eradicate the problem among the school-aged children. For instance, the parent will have an ideal approach to the ways of imparting knowledge to the children having such a disability. Statistics further indicate that an estimated 80% of children die due to brain trauma in their early ages. Nevertheless, the process of healing the problem will involve the practices of cerebral-spinal, mechanical factors, hyperventilation, fluid diversion, hypothermia, and hyperosmolar therapies among the few. An accurate provision of this activity will help control the problem with the child having a quick rate of recovery hence joining peers in various activities. In most cases, medical practitioners recommend the application of new therapies like early hypothermia during the preclinical trials which then improves the child’s life after the traumatic brain injuries.

The TBI factor starts developing within hours after this child has sustained the injury. It then reduces the flow of blood (Cerebral Blood Flow) which then requires an immediate check-up from any medical practitioner. The patient will then be introduced to a particular therapy that will sustain the pain and injury increasing the child’s opportunities for living. In case of a delay, the child is likely to experience an edema formation as the intravascular fluid navigates the damaged blood-brain vessels. It often happens due to the direct injury to the brain tissues.

Personal Reflection

Parents and educators should offer substantial care for a child while at their tender ages and also provide a limitation on the type of games that they play. The child will then have an opportunity to live to linger as the brain tissues will hardly be exposed to injuries. The child will also have an improved rate of grasping information in the schools as the brain will have the desired tissues for development. Nevertheless, nutrition is a determinant on the fight to recovery if a child is exposed to a brain injury. It is however linked to the early development of the brain tissues and the impact that the subjected therapy will have to the child. A child subjected to poor feeding will hardly survive these injuries as the brain tissues will hardly get compatibility with the applied therapy.


J Exo, C. S. (2010). Emergency treatment options for pediatric traumatic brain injury. NCBI, 533-541. Retrieved from: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2828617/

August 09, 2021

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