Emirati National Clothes: An Informative Speech

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Traditional clothing is one of the key factors that can be used to identify a certain group, ensuring that such values and traditions are followed. In the United Arab Emirates, for example, there are several traditional ways of life and dress codes that must be followed by all genders. As a result, in the UAE, national identity and traditional wear are inextricably linked. Even if some traditional clothes, such as the sirwal and burqa, are on the decline, Emiratis continue to wear them. Modernity can take hold in today's world, but it should be remembered that the Emirates still adore their traditional forms of life, including their clothing designs. Dressing code in the UAE is a representation of the traditional heritage of the Arabic countries. Notably, clothes are designed to cope with the high temperatures and in compliance with the existing religious belief. The concept poses the main reason for why it may not be possible for the Emirates to change their attire styles. In essence, given that the issues of religion, tradition, and environmental conditions are factored to the dressing code, it becomes difficult for both men and women to change drastically from the traditional practices as pertains to the “statute” of dressing.

The majority of the Emirates wear long-sleeved robes and veils more so during the summer. In most cases, clothes covering most parts of the body from direct sunlight are preferred. Nevertheless, for the case of women, the abaya, which is a black dress, absorbs a lot of heat, making it inappropriate during the hot weather condition. The national dress for the Emirati consists of accessories and garments such as the dishdosh, kerkusha, and the kandura, predominantly for women. The citizens mainly prefer a change in fashion trend given that the population is primarily young. Such youngsters tend to be associated with technological innovations and modernity, allowing for a possible chance in the ways of life.

Gender mainly dictates the dressing code in the Emirate. Women, in particular, wear the veil and abaya. Conventionally, the abaya is black. However, due to modernity and the desire for beauty, some women have preferred decorating the abaya with different colors, mainly around the sleeves and the collars. In addition, youths wear fitted dresses even if they are traditionally required to avoid exposing or revealing their physical shape. The tradition was mainly meant to curb issues of immorality, thus enabling the youths to focus on economic development becoming self-reliant in such a way. Nevertheless, the same tradition compels women to wear the dull abaya dresses, representing the high levels of discrimination against them in the society. Even in the hot weather conditions, it is traditionally expected that women should never expose their physical shape, unlike men.

The Emirati tradition mainly favors men in terms of dressing code given that they do not have to cover their bodies, opposite to women. For instance, men are expected to wear a long white robe, the taub, and the keffiyeh, commonly referred to as the headscarf. Such dressing codes enable men to respond to adverse weather conditions swiftly unlike women, thus exposing some of the major traditional differences between men and females in the Emirati society. Notably, the keffiyehs that are worn in different countries can differ in terms of color, ranging from white to black. In fact, the majority of young Emirates prefer red and white attire, keffiyehs, given that they have the traditional freedom to choose the colors of their outfits, unlike women.

October 20, 2022

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