Enclaves in Bangladeshi-India border

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The documentary is about the India-Bangladesh enclaves, which are no-land men with millions of people living in them. As a result, the people who live on this land lack official citizenship because they do not belong to either India or Bangladesh, and as a result, they have no identity in a no-land. Man's The people are confronted with this issue because the original border between former East Pakistan and India was only drawn on paper and never implemented.
When the Land Bills Act was passed in 2015, both Bangladesh and India recognized enclaves as part of their own country; the issue of enclaves being no man's land was solved. The bill has been passed. in which both Bangladesh and India accepted enclaves as part of their own country. The bill ensured that each of the countries willingly gave up their enclaves and this was a peaceful agreement of border dispute between the countries. The bill went into effect on 30th July 2015.
The solution could be problematic to some residents because of the land ownership issue. Preparation of the land records will be a challenge because enclaves do not belong to specific nations and therefore land cannot be registered. Lack of land records might bring the conflict of land ownership among the people living in enclaves. Furthermore, development of social amenities such as schools, hospitals and good roads will be a challenge for the people living in the enclaves. The access could be a challenge because there is no specific state government and lack of willingness from the authorities that are responsible for providing these amenities (Milib 1).
The land's Bill was not the best possible solution in this situation. The reason is that the people living in the enclaves could easily conflict with each other regarding resource ownership. The best solution could have been where India and Bangladeshi agree to have a physical geographical border in the enclaves.

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August 09, 2021

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