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Energy Drinks: Redbull Product

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Red Bull, an energy drink, is the food I hope to sell abroad. It operates by revitalizing the body both physically and psychologically, allowing one to gain stamina to continue for extended periods of time without being fatigued. It is ingested orally by swallowing to replenish the user's depleted energy from dizziness, allowing them to succeed in their tasks for a prolonged period of time.
Kenya is the country where I plan to sell the commodity because there are many people who participate in physical activity and many of them work as manual laborers. It is relevant in this context because a large majority of the population are employed in the informal sectors and they tend to tire when they are working. The county has not been known to consume the product and thus introducing it will mean that many would benefit both from the informal and formal employment sectors.

The most relevant target population in this case, however, is the group that engages in athletics as it is the main sport that the country is known to participate. Training in sports in an exhaustive activity and many people are fond of using body stimulant and in some cases, they might opt for drugs to increase their performance. The athletes in the country will thus benefit from the drug as they will be able to trainer better without the need of drugs as many athletes are fond of and that has been reported in the country on notable occasions (BBC Sport).

The transportation of the product will most preferably be done by rail because the country has a port service where imported products are received. The idea will rule out the need of using rail as it is a country that is on a different continent from the manufacturing plant. It would also be not appropriate to consider producing the product in the targeted location because of the likely low demand (Red Bull GmbH).

The region that would be best for distributing the product is the country’s capital, Nairobi. The city is located in a geographically centralized setting and it links many other minor towns are road radiate from the capital. In fact, the country has since been voted among the best cities for investment management, which warrants its selection as a regional trade center (Kajilwa).

It is expected that the product will have more benefiting outcomes than have been anticipate because a majority of the population works for long hours over the week. It is noted that the working periods extend even to the public holidays and it has been used as a basis for encouraging people to go for holidays (My Wage). It is thus expected that with the introduction of Red bull many of those who work for extensive periods will benefit. Furthermore, it will encourage people to consider overtime as many do not know what it entails (My Wage).

The marketing steps would thus involve the use of social media and mainstream media. Social media adverts would best apply in the country because of the increasing use of technology (Wanzala). Further, opting for mainstream media especially the television will mean that many people will be reaches as there are a huge number of people who gain access to various information through the TV and radio.

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November 11, 2021




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