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Business solutions systems are software applications used by companies to help solve today's complex challenges and manage, upgrade and make use of knowledge as needed. When such systems are applied, the management of business processes and data is automated. Enterprise software is designed for medium and large businesses to help with the everyday interfacing of complex activities. These systems provide security of business intelligence, resource planning, asset management, monitoring and information sharing among other features. Such applications are classified in wide ranges and applied in all fields in the current world. They are served to integrate and work with other systems of the organization, connecting several departments and offering centralized monitoring, control, and management of important company resources. There are varieties of such systems in operation today, examples being Human Resource Management, Customer Relations Management (CRM), customer support and call center, content management, email marketing systems, payment processing, automated billing systems and many more others.

Present enterprise systems in operation are implemented in such a manner that they integrate with existing systems to offer centralized functionality, and a capability to operate remotely, meaning it is not necessary for an employee to be in office to perform daily duties. Cloud computing is also implemented to solve centralized functionality, where the systems are internet-based.

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The system under discussion is Sage Enterprise Intelligence. This is an enterprise system that allows effective managing of company resources, allowing managers save time spent in decision making since all the information they need is availed to them on a click of a button. The system integrates with existing Sage system, making it better placed and advantageous compared to others, it is internet-based and therefore can be accessed from anywhere, giving remote feature (SAGE).

Sage is a system that integrates with sales, accounting, purchasing, and stores (logistics). This allows for centralized functionalities, giving managers all user rights and allowing them to make better, informed decisions. It also allows employees to access their part of the software and perform their duties, while all the components are connected in a manner that a person with superuser rights can be able to oversee all the functionalities of the application. Activities from purchases to sales, to stores and accounts are all interconnected and automated, a process that allows control to be implemented in all perspectives. It offers secure information access by implementing a centralized database which provides real-time information on data. Managers can also receive alerts, allowing them to be informed at any given point in time about the state of the organization.

Competition to Sage is wide, with some companies offering enterprise solutions. Such systems include Microsoft Dynamics from Microsoft, Oracle and the undisputed market leader in ERP systems, SAP, among many others (CompareBusinessProducts.com). Competition is stiff, from all angles, especially from well-established and huge competitors like SAP. The advantage is that different clients have different tastes and preferences, with other systems such as SAP’s being big and complex to be implemented by medium-sized organizations. An eventuality like this gives other enterprise systems operating in the same line a chance of penetrating into the market and providing solutions to clients. Different systems have different strengths and weaknesses, allowing others to penetrate and find a market.


Enterprise systems have eased the way tasks, and functionalities of various departments are run, especially in large organizations. Automating and centralizing control, processing and decision making functionalities among others. Applied in different environments, businesses can now run effectively without the worries of matters such as data and security.

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October 20, 2021


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