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Community service is a voluntary work performed by an individual or a crowd for the benefit of a person or the community. When children grow up, they hope to become someone important in life such as an engineer, a neurosurgeon, a teacher, a doctor or even a quantity surveyor. However, most of them lack the necessary skills, experience, behaviors, attributes and virtues to attain their dream careers. Also in life, one is expected to have good morals and values to guide him or her through. Participating in community service may be useful in helping the community as well as for self-development. This paper will focus on how community service can assist the students to have good morals and values and also to explore areas of interest.
Community service has developed to become a drive in uniting the nation. It is the hub of the nation since there is the primary significance of doing good for other people. All societies want his people to work for change as well as disciplined. Community service is the best means to instill a sense of responsibility to people. Through participating in community service, teenagers, as well as children, are introduced to the right morals and values. Values like respect, sincerity, honesty, gratefulness and humbleness among others which are significant virtues that a person can obtain from assisting the community. Examples of community services which assist teenagers in developing good values include helping the elderly, volunteering to clean up hospitals, assisting children, helping the homeless among others. Moreover, an experience with community service teaches one to be understanding as well as have compassion. One can see people at their worse time and the problems they are facing. Another aspect you can learn from the community service is the importance of caring for others and selflessness. Community service is not only essential for the benefit the community but also to impart the individual valuable life.
Community service volunteering may likewise be an opportunity to explore the areas of your interest. Not only is community service fun and rewarding, but volunteering also greatly rewards in your career growth. It helps in testing out your career and gaining professional experience. Also through volunteering, an individual can be able to network with those in the industry and make the right connections that increase your chances of success and career progression. By volunteering in your chosen field while you are undertaking your studies, you can connect with industry bodies that could one day be your future employer. But you’re also able to assess different roles and see if they are right for you. Volunteering in a variety of locations allows you to get insights into workplace culture, and also help gain an understanding of the various roles, which can help when it comes time to choose a sector to focus on.

Participating in community service may be useful in helping the community as well as for self-development. It assists the students to have good morals and values and also to explore areas of interest. Therefore, more students should be encouraged to participate more frequently in community services. Apart from the benefits it has on an individual, the nation will also be able to nature hardworking and responsible citizens who will, in turn, contribute to the growth and development of the country.

July 24, 2021

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