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The name of the organization of my choice is Rising Star. It specializes in gaming and fitness activities for both young and old people to enhance healthy living in the society. Due to global advancements in technology and the complexities of peoples’ lives, the management incorporated technology in the system to grant access to the vast population of potential customers. It has been achieved by the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that have aided in the expansion of the company’s market (Wayne, 2017). Since Facebook is widely used by people across the globe, it has been the firm’s main channel through which information is conveyed to customers and the general public and also as a way of advertising largely because of the fact that the platform is cost-effective.

Facebook Updates

The following is a list of facebook updates by the company.

a)  “Health And Fitness- Outreach begins with creating safe spaces for the youth and the aged in our society by coming together with common interests. Creation of an extensive program that is primarily concerned with fitness and gaming will provide the participants with opportunities to expand their physical health as well as learning basic tenants of respect. The activities will include; yoga, athletics, boxing, body building among others.”

b) “Living healthy at Rising Stars. On the road between games, keep off the workplace boredom for a moment and finish your day with a little bit of style at Rising Stars.”

c)  “Come meet your all-time friend and a recent college graduate, Mr. Whicks. A professional fitness and nutritionist coach with the passion for health, fitness and personal development. Don’t be left out. Come one come all.”

Twitter Updates

Twitter is also a major social media platform that greatly contributes in the publicity aspect of a company. This platform is advantageous because it is reliable for a source of news by journalists especially in posting news updates and breaking news immediately they happen. Therefore, it is an important avenue through which Rising Star can publicize its brand to the population (Cole, 2013). Listed below are twitter updates by Rising Star.

a) “@RisingStar #KeepFitStayYoung. Embrace fitness to stay young all the time.” This tweet is directed to the young generation.

b) “@RisingStar #KeepFitTogether. Live a stress-free life with Rising Stars”. It targets the married.

c)  “@RisingStar. The road map to beginning to lose your weight and acquiring the shape of your desire” it targets fat people in the society and lastly,

d) “@RisingStar #FitnessForKids. Developing talents at a prime age, meet Uncle James, a friend to the kids.” It is directed to young kids enthusiastic in uncovering and development their talents while still young.


Besides Facebook and Twitter, YouTube is also an essential element in public relations. Videos can be created and uploaded in preference of the targeted customers. They can like and ultimately subscribe to them in to increase loyalty. An example of such videos for Rising Star can be titled “No gym full body workout” or “Back to back work out, muscle building and fat burning.” Such adverts can accompany explanations to convince the viewers that Rising Star is the best place to be. An update on the status of the media kit can be stated, “Professor Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Rising Stars wishes to announce the recognition of our institution by the World Health Organization for the continued efforts that it has persistently directed towards ensuring the existence of a healthy society since its establishment two decades ago. There has been a 20% drop in deaths among the elderly.”


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August 01, 2023

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