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Social media such as social networks is vital for companies for it is necessary to ensure that their online connections directly relates to their brand image (Kohler & Grunder, 2017). In addition to radio, television and print media, social media entails the ecosystem of communication that works jointly to facilitate an enjoyable and a unified consumer knowledge through several channels. The channels of online marketing help in building brand authenticity, consumer intelligence and promotes engagement advertising and public relations (Kohler & Grunder, 2017).

A brand's corporate information moves from one user to the other leading to resonation because it emerges from a trusted third person. Social networking portfolios and blogs permit people to re-post data written by the originator of the product (Kohler & Grunder, 2017). Marketers can be able to refine their segmentation strategy through social media by reaching a specified target audience. For instance, a bookmarking site such as Pinterest is female based and specifically targets women. Social media is an avenue where everyone can express their opinions and ideas along with a company's marketing route.

User-Generated Concept and its Relevance

A user-generated concept is any subject created and executed by unpaid sponsors or fans. It can entail blog posts, pictures, tweets, and videos and primarily involves endorsing a brand instead of only a brand (Sharma, 2018). User-generated concepts are vital for a company since they aid in keeping with up the always changing trends of their followers. Customers no longer trust marketers due to dishonest marketers on the rise. There is an enhanced bringing together of the audience as a result of user-generated concepts. The concept is cost effective since it is all about users creating content.

Social Publishing and Marketing

Social Networks

The forums of social media networks include Facebook and Twitter. They assist in creating brand awareness, facilitate market research and assist in relations building (Sharma, 2018). It is on these sites where information gets shared, and new ideas emerge.

Media Sharing Networks

YouTube and Instagram are the most commonly used avenues in this forum. It is in these sites where people find it appropriate to share media online such as live videos and photos (Sharma, 2018). In return, brand awareness gets improved, and audience engagement is enhanced.

Discussion Forums

The networks are mainly utilized during market research. They include Reddit and Quora. When done in the right way, it becomes possible to advertise in them though it calls for careful separation of ads and posts. It is in these sites where people go looking for information about what other people are talking about.

Consumer Review Networks

The networks such as TripAdvisor help people review and share experiences pertaining brands, services, and products. Positive reviews enhance customer inflow, and the company can resolve issues of unsatisfied customers (Sharma, 2018).

Blogging and Publishing Networks

Such forums include WordPress and medium where people discover and publish and participate in online content. As a result, a company enjoys increased lead sales and improved brand loyalty. People get encouragement to post content online in ways that promote discovery, commenting and sharing.

Authenticity and Social publishing

Authenticity is the ability of a brand to stay true to what it is ought to be and meet the intended purpose (Kohler & Grunder, 2017). The customers know the products and transparency and honesty is vital to retain them. There is need to create a behind the scene for the customers, and it all depends on how the brand structure gets structured. Authenticity is important and calls for posting of information that is not misleading. It is necessary when niches exist and when there is an overload of options.

Photo Sharing in Marketing

It is essential to the impact the images will impact the business. Certain businesses are naturally fit for the sharing of photos such as tourism, hospitality, and fashion. Marketers should pick the correct service and account. For instance, Flickr would work best where a business intends to get a quick and free way to share photos. An active profile, icon and screen name helps customers know about the firm and an excellent personal face (Kohler & Grunder, 2017). Posting original and attractive images and videos attract a more significant number of viewers.

Calculation of Media ROI

Social media ROI is the outcome of time spent and resources employed on social media (Kohler & Grunder, 2017). Tracking of ROI involves identification of money used in social media and attachment of dollar value to the social media objectives. It calls for identification of a goal tracking the goal and attaching a monetary value to it. It could be a lifetime value which involves the average amount earned from a customer.

Tracking of Social Media Results

The monitoring involves tracking the growth of followers such as on Facebook and Twitter. It then follows identification of optimal of engagement, monitoring likes and reactions of posts and monitoring audience demographics. Review of replies and comments for the posting and finding out content being shared is also necessary.

Social Media Changes

Social media has in the past five years had a significant impact on people’s daily lives. Tools such as Facebook and Twitter have impacted on how people relate to each other across the world. Most people opt to get news from social Media since it is where information is easily accessible via the internet. It has become easy to start and operate a business with considerable assistance from social media. Social media has changed how we meet others and stay in touch with them.


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