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The social media monitoring plan describes the processes aimed at obtaining the relevant conversation about XYZ coffee brands. The monitoring also seeks to evaluate the behavior of the audience towards the company’s products. The monitoring plan proposes the utilization of relevant tools to track the behavior of the audience as reflected in hashtags, URLs, and keywords among others.


The tracking strategy entails the application of keywords and hashtags used to find and follow relevant information from the internet. The plan also entails the use of the SMM tools to identify the social platforms with the highest concentration of target audience as well as the adoption of the relevant search terms and engines that maximizes the identification of the relevant terms used.

Measuring of Qualitative and Quantitative Metrics

The presented plan measures quantitative metrics such as percentage change in the number of new users, growth in the number of likes, comments, shares and wall responses. The qualitative metrics on the other hand include the nature of interaction and audience engagement across the various platforms in which the company is involved.


Evaluation is carried to determine if the measured quantitative and qualitative metrics meet the specified standards. Similarly, the metrics are evaluated against the organization’s SMM goals. The metrics are also compared against the industry key performance indices (KPI).  

Social Media Monitoring Tools

The proposed SMM tools are meant to generate and analyze data that is necessary in making informed decisions about the organization’s social media strategy. The tools used in the section therefore include software and applications that are highly rated in the industry to perform the work for which they are intended. The tools should allow the observation of real time and historical data on the different social media accounts as well as providing heat maps of the activity levels in different parts of the world. Keyhole is the recommended software for viewing the activity levels in Twitter and Instagram accounts through monitoring of hashtags, URLs, and keywords. A tool that can enable scheduling of posts across platforms and networks such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, WordPress, and others. The tool should also allow delegation of tasks among the members of the SMM team. Location-based monitoring tools are also adopted to identify what is happening in different regions and hence allow tailoring the products accordingly.


Tuning is proposed to identify the specific phrases, concepts, and terms as well as links that are used by the online audiences in their communication about the XYZ coffee brands. Tuning should be done to collect information such as the brand name misspellings and abbreviations, key industry influencers, brand motto and slogans, name of the key staff, and the presence and the impact of the competitor brand.


The planned budget for the social media monitoring is as presented in the table below.

Budget Category

Estimated Total Monthly Costs ($)

Content Creation


Monitoring tools


Social Media Engagement




Measuring Quantitative and Qualitative Metrics




Total Costs



Return on Investment

Return on Investment

Based on the budget the company is expecting a return on investment of 15%.

August 01, 2023



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