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Sexting is the exchanging of messages, pictures, videos, mostly on social media, as well as mobile telecommunications and other digital devices, with the sending, receiving or forwarding of them. Sexting can be referred to a sex mode, which has become popular due to the growth of camera phones and also smartphone network technology (Temple, 2012). The interest among teenagers is also to understand why sex is popular among adults, not them, and yet they are referred to as young adults. Sexting occurs in three different categories of people:
• Exchanging images, videos, graphics, animations and texts between two romantic partners with an aim of satisfying the other partner sexually in mind
• Exchanging images, videos, animations, graphics which have sexual contents with people outside relationship with an aim of luring one to have sex or engage in sexual affairs but not a relationship.

• Finally, it’s the exchange between people who are yet to have an affair or a relationship but they are planning to have one or hopes to nurture one.

However, trying to weigh both sides of good and bad brought about by sexting, the negative outshine the positive and this makes one oppose the act since it can’t be justified as sex, it carries a lot of weight since it will have a negative influence unto individuals way of thinking and doing things.

According to (Benotsch et al., 2013), the major risk posed by sexting is negating ones mindset where it may lead to trauma since the media contents are not controlled when circulating, the effect of social engineering can make the leak of the materials and after the materials start trending makes the individual who is directly involved have mental anguish, for instance, pornographic materials will lead to mental anguish

Secondly, according to world health organization, the behavior has negative impact unto ones mental, physical, emotional as well as spiritual well-being of an individual, from (WHO, 2002), sexting is safe since it prevents physical illnesses since there is no physical interaction while having sex and also the image, video or text cannot harm anybody, however, it can cause harm when one sees an image alluding sex or nude in one’s digital device. When these images are combined and used to make pornographic materials will lead to mental and emotional suffering to the ones involved.

Last but not least, sexting may lead to discrimination and violence as per (Moyer, 2010). Whenever the images leak willingly or unwillingly, they can be used in any form, and whether owner are known or unkown, will lead to discrimination and intimidations from society since it is against the code of behaviors. In the line of violence, it poses the risk of one being attacked and mocked by society as well as the partners whenever the leak of the images since most parts of the world the code is unacceptable.

According to (Collins, 2002) and the lifestyle magazines, they just outline the positive side of sexting but never state the risks associated with the same, for instance, they take it as “fun and flirty” to adults but to teenagers it is seen as being irresponsible and promiscuous from the parent who doesn't take much care of the child and self

However as far as we take sides in condemning or supporting sexting, there are quite some points which one can buy being good, example is the case of diseases avoidance where there is no contact during sexting and thus the sexually transmitted infections are avoided, however when it comes to violence escalation and family breakage makes the sexting a vice in the society that ought to be condemned with the strongest terms possible especially to the teenage, this is as per the quotes by (Temple, 2012). However, for the couples who are married or are in a relationship will help the relationship to be active and lively since marriage can only be seen as lively if only conjugal rights are granted.

However the most scientific argument is posed by ((Temple, 2012), whereby it states the risks associated despite the act having the positives, the vices or the negations outweigh the positives, for instance one cannot support the act that will cause violence and family breakups as well as mental and emotional anguish at the expense of sexual transmitted infections avoidance.

To wrap up with the debate, sexting ought to be categorized as other forms of sex just like other forms can be fun flirtatious and exciting and can contribute to sexual satisfaction, it also poses risks of varied forms. The key point in this is conducting education to the society on the risks.

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October 20, 2021
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