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Hospitality tourism and travel industry is a multibillion-dollar industry that ultimately depends on the availability of disposable income for the leisure time. It is a diverse and broad category of fields as it involves service industry including, just naming a few, theme parks, planned events, use of lodge, travel, and transportation, and lastly the cruise line which marks extra field within the tourism industry. Most of the services offered within this industry are direct to the final consumers. There are some specific units within hospitality such as the parks of amusement, hotels, inn and even restaurants. The vacancy rate is an important term in the hospitality department. In the hospitality industry, there is always maximum utilization of the fixed assets to serve a maximum number of customers and as well create a mutual closeness to the customer for continuity of the industry. Markedly the tourism industry marks the global largest and most crucial industry. It involves some specific unique practices such as, accommodation, entertainment, transport that has a wide variety of individuals.

The tourism industry has a greater economic impact and has the greatest attraction of the dollars within a year. It involves traveling outside or within the tourist country of origin. It meant by individuals going outside their normal places of operation for less than one year. This could be as a result of business and it a major source of income in several countries. The tourism industry was once majorly affected by the outbreak of a common disease termed as the H1N1 influenza virus back in 2008 and at the finishing of 2009. The outbreak lowered the tourists to different zones of the world for risk of contracting the virus within different parts of the world. Different tourism organizations are consisting of non-governmental, local and international organizations which toward achieving common objectives of developing the tourism industry. Some of the organizations within the tourism industry involves, world tourism organization. The government corporations have created departments of tourism that develop it. These include Philippine convention, visitor’s corporations which serve the international marketing and trade missions

Company overview

The selected key organization is the world tourism organization. World tourism organization is a United Nations agency that ensures accessibility and sustainability of tourism. It marks the best topmost international organization for coordination of activities for sustainable tourism. World tourism organization considers tourism as the propellant of development and economic growth ensuring sustainability in the environment and delivers appropriate knowledge and skills within the tourism industry(Arshad 133). It is the organization that majorly focus on the implementation of ethical issues in tourism for the attainment of the maximum contribution of development by socio-economic as well as diminishing the equivalent negativity of tourism while developing tourism to achieve United Nations tourism objectives. The main objectives and the goals of the organization is the achievement of peace worldwide and sustainability in development.

The organization has fostered education on tourism and has conducted many training and workshops to have tourism as a sharp tool for economic development as I design policies to help achieve sustainability for over 90 countries worldwide. They have projected the market knowledge and has arisen competitiveness while forming policies that directly favors the industry. World tourism organization involves over 155 countries which have been registered and several affiliate individuals that stand for the private sectors, institutions that offer education, tourism authorities at local levels and big institutions. It has a serving headquarters in Madrid in Spain.

The organization is tied to performing several functions to facilitate sustainability and economic development in diverse options. The research will still focus on the functions of some individuals within the organization that marks general functions of the organization. World tourism organization permanent activity is collection and upgrading of the information on training and its involvement in participation in training and projects that are aimed at propelling the economic development to a higher level as compared to the previous status(Chambers 82). It has its international Centre for advanced tourism studies which organize and conduct wide range vocational training and sets some diverse educational programs by residential circles of study. The organization functions through its diverse organs each having a definite responsibility. They involve three major organs, the general assembly, executive council and the secretariat.

The general assembly is involved in delegation and considers all the concerns and recommends on different matters affecting the organization. The second organ, the executive council task is to take all necessary measures and cautions in consultation with the general assembly for implementation of resolutions of the organization, a vital role for the organization visibility. Secretariat involves the general secretary and the staff members. It has some sub-divisions which perform different functions(Kristjánsdóttir 586). One division is involved in the development and ultimate cooperation in regards to relations. The other divisions are involved in general tasks of the organization involving, documentation, informatics, and publications in addition to technical information. The organization performs useful tasks of creative and concrete by promoting the exchange of information. Holding of specific seminars according to world-class and vocational training. Creation of this organization considered tourism as a sharp tool of economic and social development.


World tourism organization has several members who act as the customers that it serves. It has a membership of about 155 countries that are registered with the organizations. Some of the countries include Aruba, Hong Kong, Madeira, and Puerto Ricco which acts as the Flemish community. However, there are more than seventeen countries that have withdrawn from the organization for the different period in the past which include, Australia, Grenada, Kuwait, Canada, Belgium, and United Kingdom upon others. There are some countries which were never registered with the organization including, samosa, Lucia, Somalia, Nevis, Latvia and many others. The organization is purposely targeting to serve all the members of the globe. There is no discrimination of members as it is targeted at achieving mutual sustainability of the development of the economy there are several helpful information that is found on the world tourism organization website. Information about what the organization does, regions and where that is located is found on their website(Isik 40). Moreover, the records of their affiliate member's media and the breaking news in the administrative positions are posted and viewed on their website. The key issues tying the organizations such as the laws governing the organization, the objectives of the organization and the goals that they are working towards achieving are found on their website. The organizations own a decent colorful website which is attractive and appealing.

Current news

The organization has some several current news that needs to be accessed through the website. Those members of the organization need to confirm the breaking news of their organizations on their website. In Madrid, tourism ministers are calling upon G20 leaders to poetize tourism. The news was posted in the April 18th this year. The world tourism organization joined and echoed the minister for tourism in announcing that G20 economies in Buenos Aires that they should consider tourism as they outline their agendas so that the country can create more job opportunities and diverse capacities. They insisted their theme which they termed as there is no development without equity. This was done during the 63rd meeting that was led by world tourism organization regional commission for Americans in collaboration with the national tourism secretariat of Paraguay. They mutually highlighted the advantages of developing towards greater gender equity in tourism so that the tourism sector can set its strategies in favor of sustainability in development. The seminar focused on the central theme, ‘empowerment in the tourism sector'(Arshad 131). The other current notification within the media was posted on 12th April 2018. The UNWTO and the UN environment merges to empower media as wildlife and environmental defenders. The world tourism organization undersign the Kinshasa declaration. It was a week of exchanging experiences and the capacity that is linked to wildlife and general protection of biodiversity in Kinshasa, of the democratic republic of Congo. It lied under the Chimelong programme of wildlife sustainable tourism.

On 10th April the second world conference on smart destinations was announced. The world tourism organization with collaboration with the government of Spain and the Austrians principalities are organizing 2nd world conference on smart destinations in Oviedo in June this year. The set principles of discussion are the 21-century tourism destinations that are marked by accessibility, sustainability, and innovation with governance. On the same day, Messi appointed an ambassador for responsible tourism by the world's tourism organization. Lionel Messi considered by many to be the best footballer; he joined the WTO to ensure the value of responsible tourism is achieved. The WTO secretary general, Zurab Pololikashvili pinpointed Messi to be the ambassador for responsible tourism at Camp Nou in Barcelona after a match between Barcelona and the Leganes.

On the 28 March the secretary general of the world tourism organization paid an official visit to Kazakhstan where he held a meeting with the national authority the Kazakh tourism strategy of 2030. On the 27 of the same month, snow and mountain tourism faced challenges of adapting to the change. This briefing was given by the snow and mountain tourism and depicted the need to adopt accommodation of tourism to the expectations of the today's customer standards. The meeting also focused on the need to improve the customer traveling experiences and various ways of acquiring hospitality knowledge and culture for tourism and development sustainability

Website review

The WTO home page of their website has some unique pictures of tourist in different places. The home page covers and reveals the environmental beauty and how people perceive the environment. There are pictures of people smiling enjoying their tours in different places. The next drop-down on their website is about several diverse sub forms of the world tourism organization. The content covered in the drop-down include, just naming the available ones, what WTO is, decision making, secretariat, and membership, introduction brunches, flagship publications, WTO and other organizations. These are the sub linked groups of topics that are found within the ‘about WTO' dropdown. Within the news and event drop-down, there are several poultice areas of the WTO, which include; news, WTO meetings, events. Within the drop-down, all the information about the meeting that was conducted and the planned meeting are found in the drop-down. Under the trade and topics, there is a variety of information that is found there. They include goods, services, intellectual property, building trade capacity, trade monitoring, and other topics which are related to the environmental conservation in favor of wildlife as part of tourism(Chambers 82). Other information found on the website include official WTO documents, multimedia, statistics, economic research, and publications. Instead of having videos and audios, their website contains animated graphics that are in the form of slides, and they are effective and visually attractive the way they are presented. They have taken a move of ensuring the videos have been uploaded ton the websites. The graphics are not accompanied with the audios but thy individually communicate enough.

Social media

There is a social media for the world tourism organization that is used by the officials to log in their database. All the officials can log in to access the operational visibility of the organization. Its social media is design to have a platform where they post all the information that they intend to portray. All the information and the breaking news that the organization wants to display to its members is displayed in the social media(Arshad 129). There are some graphics and pictures in the form of photographs that are taken from different places, and they portray a significant idea towards sustainability in tourism and environmental conservation. Photographs involving people with different perspectives with the environmental friendly subsidiary pictures are animated to be cross passing in the form of slides for a specified duration of time. This is to ensure the audience have the correct perspective of the environment. They insist that environment is also part of the wildlife because it transform and supports wildlife.

The world tourism organization have one of the major accounts. The user account is the platform where the certified member or world tourism organization staff can log in to the organization database and portal where personal information is found. Any notification and communication within the organization are done using the user accounts. The official organization workers always access their accounts to confirm the updates that are released by the organization. All the memos that are needed to circulate within the departments, they often use their user accounts where the venue and the appropriate time for the subsequent events are posted in the user's account. They only required to log in using their certified email addresses and a password that is recognizable and relevant. They also have other social hub accounts including the Facebook account and the twitter account where all the members who have interest with the organization comments on its operation and the general perspective of the significance of the organization. In consideration of how members comment on WTO Facebook accounts, they positively insist the organization further policies regarding environmental consideration. Most of the members have liked the potential photographs that have been uploaded to their account. Several members have liked the frequent global summit that is currently being undertaken by the organizations(Arshad 126). The available tweets in the twitter account, members are congratulating the organization due to its effort in conserving the tourism as well as the environment to have sustainability.


Tourism is the summation of the phenomenon and the relationships that result from travels and touring of areas of non-residence which are not related to any earning activity. It is a multibillion-dollar industry. Hospitality and tourism cam domestic and international where people go for the holiday activity and pleasure. It is the world leading economic activity that is undertaken and it is centralized to a common body. World tourism organization manages all the tourism activities of the member countries across the globe. It is the main builder of economic sustainability and therefore it is supported by several agencies to achieve the economic growth. Within the departments, they relate socially, and even officially for smooth running of the organization. The organization relates to the public so that it can gain support and attainment of organizational establishment

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