Established norms, guidelines, and regulations at workplace

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Business Ethics

Established norms, guidelines, and regulations prescribed by an agency to regulate individual conduct within the company are referred to as business ethics (Workman). Implementing beliefs, ideals, and standards that govern actions within an organization is what an ethical mind means. Various businesses face complex legal problems such as trust and ethics (Workman). Integrity entails doing transactions with integrity and loyalty to the consumers. Often businesses struggle with decision-making and adhering to corporate laws. Thus, a company manager with an ethical mindset will still strive to provide value to life rather than just profit. Whereby, the company needs to balance the earnings and the demands of the society. The leader should also ensure that the laws guide any business jurisdictions, and objectives create social patterns in the business community.

Ethical Concerns in Business

Currently, business leaders are managing ethical concerns in their daily business activities. Most organizations have principles that govern business ethics, and employees receive punishment for committing fraud (Workman). The organizational moral practices are currently part of the company culture, which constitutes the policies, values, and expectations of accepted behavior within the organization. Managers in modern organizations use these established patterns to make judgments on matters of ethical concerns within the organization. As mentioned by Workman in his presentation, current leaders are ensuring they implement policies of their system that encourages the use ethical culture to tackle moral issues that happen to the organization (Workman).


In conclusion, most business managers are not prone to being dishonest people because ethical concerns that influence business affect their interests. Increase in profits requires ethical minds to control employee behavior within the organization.

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December 28, 2022

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