Ethical issues in research proposal

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The thesis report would take into account all ethical considerations related to research. The research will be planned, evaluated, and carried out with the goal of maintaining accountability, fairness, and consistency. The researchers would be required to follow four major ethical principles: autonomy, fairness, beneficence, and the precept of doing no harm (Creswell, 2013). Before the research is launched, the appropriate legal oversight board may be consulted. Ethical clearance is required to ensure that the study meets the requisite ethical standards. The study participants will be fully informed about the objectives, methods, and how the information generated from the study is going to be used. The study will only target participants within the legal age bracket and are mentally competent to take part in the study. The risks and benefits associated with taking part in the research, as well as the roles of the participant, will be clearly defined in the consent form. Participation in the study will be based on free voluntary consent. A consent form will be issued to the potential participants with the aim of respecting their autonomy and dignity of persons. The participants will be free to ask any question pertaining to the research. They will also be free to withdraw from the study at any moment (Vithal & Jansen, 2012). 

The research will focus on producing maximum benefits and minimizing harm. The study will avoid inflicting harm to participants. The data provided by the participants will be kept confidential, and the anonymity of the respondents will be respect at all cost. The research will be highly independent free of any conflicts of interest or partiality (Smith, 2015).  Privacy and confidentiality will be maintained by ensuring that unauthorized person does not have access to data, information and study materials for the research. The hard copies of the data and information will be locked safely in a place that is only known to the research team. Password and encryption will be used to protect digital content.


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November 09, 2022

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