Ethics Discussion Board 12

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My connection with food is one that I work hard to maintain on a daily basis. I see food as fuel for my body. Its purpose is to nurture and sustain me. I enjoy eating ethically produced food, and I feel morally bound to refrain from using animal products due to environmental ethics. The majority of factory farms in the country have filthy living conditions that necessitate the usage of antibiotics on animals. My daily food experience is determined by my personal choices. I normally drive to grocery stores to get food, prepare it, and then sit down to eat with my family. As a member of the Anchorage community, eating a diet composed of ethically produced food is morally justified since it complies with the moral standards of my community. I believe that healthy diet changes the way a person feels.

The main argument of in vitro meat is enhancing healthy lives, reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses and controlling climate crisis. Therefore, I am persuaded by this argument. It would be appropriate to live in a society that produces meat that is environment-friendly and improves public health. Regarding the animal rights perspective, in vitro meat will reduce violation of animal rights since the meat would be made out of the animal cells.

Singer and Regan might say that the morality of in vitro meat is acceptable since it will help to reduce animal suffering and preserve the environment. Besides, they might say that in vitro meat permits ethical consumption. The introduction of this technology will change my relationship with food because it considers the environmental ethics.

The questions include the following. First, do you think consumers determine the creation of ethical practices in the food industry? Second, some individuals might feel that in vitro meat is not natural, but what are the ethical importance of naturalness?

May 24, 2023

Food Philosophy Science



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