evaluating milestone achievement for the outpatient pediatric population

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The initial reason for assessing milestone achievement in the outpatient pediatric population is to determine their health status. It will be measured in relation to the prior milestone. If the patient's health is improving, the practitioner will be able to determine what will be beneficial to the patient. If not, the nursing practitioner might suggest a better technique to ensure the patient's health improves. Tobin observes that evaluating milestones is a great means of indirectly supervising patients (Tobin, 2017). Assessment aids in the prevention of illness transmission from one pediatric patient to the next since the signs and symptoms can be documented ahead of time. The second importance is that it will enable the family nurse practitioner to make an informed decision when prescribing a drug or treatment. Record keeping will also improve, and the practitioner can ensure prevention of the occurrence of various diseases in patients. The evaluation can then be stored and used in future in the treatment of the patient. Through the assessment, the family nurse practitioner can easily establish some of the diseases a patient can be prone to getting and how they can be prevented. The parents of the pediatric patient can then be aware of the medical condition of their children and understand what is required of them

The third importance is that it will ensure the family nursing practitioner understands the health of the patients. It will be in the instance when the nurse who provided treatment the previous time is not available. Evaluating milestone achievement will help to ensure a good transition. Choe indicates that milestone evaluation will guarantee patients safety as the decision making will be good (Choe, 2016). Understanding the medical condition of the patient through evaluating milestone achievement helps to improve the quality of life of the patients.


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May 17, 2023


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