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Executive Order

President Donald J Trump signed Executive Order 13769 on January 27, 2017, to protect the country from the entrance of international terrorists into the United States. The executive order was released to counter the growing danger of jihadists arriving from particular Muslim majority nations infiltrating the United States. The United States has always taken crucial strides towards greater monitoring of refugees from Muslim nations where jihadists and extremist movements are thought to originate, whether lawfully or unlawfully, in regard to the 9/11 tragedy. The executive order barred citizens from entering the US for longer than ninety days, even refugees from individual countries. The order was meant to mitigate the immigration of people with radical minds and terrorist agents who are collectively associated with specific Islam-dominated countries from the Middle East, Sudan, and parts of Asia. The intention of the executive policy was good but the way in which it was formulated and implemented was punitive both to the Americans and citizens from the banned nations. As Forbes contributor analyses, the ban will deal America significant economic loss through diverse perspectives (John 2017).The United States manpower is derived from all over the world through the immigrants who provide a relative cheaper labor (Brad 2017). The ban sends cold shivers through the spines of prospective immigrants and paints the US as a racist nation. The top talent derived from some immigrant IT students from Silicon Valley constitute some coming from the banned countries. A selective and a reformed immigration documentation, verification and scrutiny would have been better. Otherwise, the umbrella ban target even innocent people and portray US democracy as a mere rhetoric. In fact, the business travel industry is likely to suffer; Airlines and tourism sector will equally shrink (John 2017). The pronouncement of the order itself was felt in the shaken Stock exchange market. A critical review of the order shows that it will not effectively manage terrorism but instead increase it. Based on the aforementioned facts; I hold the position that the executive order was bad.

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July 24, 2021

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