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Expense Items in Accounting

Answers The amounts not noted in lines 1,three,8, 12 Line quantity ($) 1 289,800 three 341,000 eight 1,625 12 ninety two,a hundred magazine entries entry DR CR manufacturing facility wages fee a hundred and eighty,seven hundred sales Salaries cost 92,100 workplace salaries expense sixty eight,200 Social security tax payable 20,460 Medicare tax payable 5115 health insurance payable eleven,800 personnel income tax payable 87,000 Union dues payable 1,625 Salaries payable 341,000 magazine entries coins 215,000 Salaries payable 215,000 consultant computer programmer Administrator Gross pay $three,310 $2100 $2,four hundred net pay $2,456 $1,605 $1,890

July 24, 2021

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