Factors affecting healthy food choices

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There exist varieties of healthy food for humans to select from with regards to diet. Humans have the option of selecting from varieties of food, car, vegetables and fruits. This is possible because man is omnivorous. Sometimes, it is difficult to choose what to eat. But what we consume is defined by our way of life. In America, the populace selects or chooses what they eat to suit their health status. That is why this research paper seeks to identify the different factors affecting the dietary choices of America and also the main influencers of these food choices. The research method will be both qualitative and quantitative to ascertain this trend. As such, the sources will provide both the quantitative and qualitative view of the topic. Comprehending this topic will assist in underlining how the agricultural sector should shift to meet the current demands.
Alexandra Bargiota, Maria Delizona, Andreas Tsitouras, and Georgios Koukoulis. "Eating habits and factors affecting food choice of adolescents living in rural areas." (2013): 246-253. http://www.hormones.gr/pdf/HORMONES%202013-246.pdf.
This article strives to establish the factors that impact on food selections, particularly living in rural regions. As exemplified by this article, people tend to make their food choices depending on culture, social, emotions, technology, economics, and politics among others. Food is a typical representation of our cultures. The authors include Alexandra Bargiota, Maria Delizona, Andreas Tsitouras, and Georgios Koukoulis. It is a primary source since the study is conducted firsthand on a selected sample. It is a current source that is available online. It is a reputable source that will assist my research paper in describing the different cultural effects that influence food choice, particularly among adolescents. The source will be vital in the final paper since it will illustrate how culture affects food choices.
Amir A. Alakaam, Diana C. Castellanos, Jessica Bodzio, and Lee Harrison. "The Factors That Influence Dietary Habits Among International Students in the United States." Journal of International Students (2015): 104-120. http://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/EJ1060049.pdf.
As implied by this article, most of the dietary changes occur when one is a student. As such, it attempted to analyze the dietary intake changes as well as the factors associated to its accumulation among international students. The research was based in an urban university within the United States. The authors, Amir A. Alakaam, Diana C. Castellanos, Jessica Bodzio, and Lee Harrison utilized seven focus groups of college-age international students. As such, it is a primary source since information is obtained firsthand. The source is also available online under the Journal of International Students. The source will be effective in outlining the main influences to dietary changes among International students. It is a crucial source that will be utilized in the final paper to support the notion that major dietary changes are experienced in learning institutions.

Laura M. Segal, Jack Rayburn, and Alejandra Martín. "The State of Obesity: Better Policies for a Healthier America." 2016. http://stateofobesity.org/files/stateofobesity2016.pdf.
As elucidated by this article, food selection is influenced by lifestyles. In the contemporary globe, the obesity rates have rising, particularly in America. Though not a primary source, the article demonstrates the obesity trends over the years in America. However, the authors Laura M. Segal, Jack Rayburn, and Alejandra Martín mainly focus on the year 2016. The source is available online and will be significant in illustrating how lifestyle influences our food choices. This article will be helpful in supporting the notion that lifestyle is the main reason people change diet.
Research Triangle Institute International. "Current and Prospective Scope of Hunger and Food Security in America: A Review of Current Research." (2014): 1-122. http://www.rti.org/sites/default/files/resources/full_hunger_report_final_07-24-14.pdf.
Food security is an important element in any society. This article strives to outline the different perspectives of food security and the elements affecting the same. It is a secondary source that relies on date obtained by other researchers. The Research Triangle Institute (RTI) International provides an insightful approach to food security dwelling on personal and contextual characteristics. The source is reputable and will be essential in relaying the different factors influencing food choices. In the final paper, this article will illustrate food security effects on Americans.
Tom Deliens, Peter Clarys, Bourdeaudhuij, I., and Deforche, B. "Determinants of Eating Behavior in University Students: A Qualitative Study Using Focus Group Discussions." (2014): 1-12. http://download.springer.com/static/pdf/393/art%253A10.1186%252F1471-2458-14-53.pdf?
In this article, Tom Deliens, Peter Clarys, Bourdeaudhuij, I., and Deforche, B. try to establish the determinants of eating habits among university students. The authors used the focus group type of data collection; hence, is a primary source. It strived to identify the major elements influencing the university students to change their eating habits. The source is vital since it will enhance the findings on the changing diet among university students. This source will also be essential in the final paper since it arguments the previous notion that diet changes mainly occurs during school-life.
U.S. Department of Agriculture. “Dietary Guidelines For Americans 2015-2020.” (2015): 1-144. https://health.gov/dietaryguidelines/2015/resources/2015-2020_Dietary_Guidelines.pdf.
This article provides a guideline on the changing dietary behaviors among the American people. Furthermore, it strives to illustrate how the changes are affecting the department of agriculture. This includes all the aspects of farming. The article mainly focuses on nutrition and constituents of healthy eating patterns. The U.S. Department of Agriculture deems nutrition as an important aspect that influences the eating behaviors. It is a secondary source that is effective in my research paper since it relays all the different aspects nutrition impacting on eating patterns. This is the main article that demonstrates that dietary is mainly impacted by the nutritional values and lifestyle. It will illustrate why Americans have changed their diet and the impacts on agriculture.


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Walthall, C.L. et al. "Climate Change and Agriculture in the United States: Effects and Adaptation." (2013): 1-186. https://www.usda.gov/oce/climate_change/effects_2012/CC%20and%20Agriculture%20Report%20(02-04-2013)b.pdf.
In this article, the main aim is to illustrate how climate change has impacted on Agriculture within the United States. This study provides a different perspective on the elements affecting agriculture as well as eating habits. The authors also try to elucidate on how the effects are adapted to ensure food security. It is an important source of my research paper and is worth considering since it outlines the different aspects of climate change and the impact on agriculture. Evidently, climate change is a current issue; hence, making this source reliable because it deals with current events. Walthall et al. rightly traverse the different perspectives of this topic. As such, it will be beneficial in explaining different factors influencing the eating habits.

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