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Family values

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When dealing with families, I believe the most critical fact checks are their importance and strengths. According to Coleman (2012), it is essential to focus on the family's muscles to help a child learn the required skills. It's also true that different families have different values, and each should be valued for that reason. These two are vital to me because they allow families to be fully involved in any required improvement work. Furthermore, they can feel valued for the things they want to love.
Question 2:
The purpose of writing a personal philosophy of a family involvement may vary in different ways. Still, one has to ensure that they define the values, ethics and beliefs established during the involvement for future reference. Concordia University (2016) also explains that writing a personal philosophy adds to the ease of planning activities. This is in regards to not only defining the roles to be played out by the family members, but also the activities to be included. Basically, the personal philosophy will serve as a guide towards achieving a successful family involvement process.

Question 3

The philosophy of a family is impacted by several factors, one being the age of the children involved. In consideration to this, the philosophy will be impacted on the level of activities to be carried out. Different age groups require a unique curriculum because of their minds’ ability to comprehend what they are being taught. As such, the same should be extended towards family involvement (). The age of the children I teach will thus not only reflect on what I can be able to teach them at school but also the activities their family members can get involved.


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