Federal court blocks Donald Trump EPA on air pollution

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The is an article about a ruling made by using the Court of Appeal on the EPA regulations. Since President Trump took office, he has tried to reverse many rules that the former President Barrack Obama implemented (Eilperin, and Mufson). Because of the controversies attached to the selection made by President Trump, there has been much attention drawn closer to such a case. The main reason why I chose the story. This case entails the courts, by selecting this article I will be able to analyze how the law handles such issues. The world and the nation are also going to examine the ways that the law treats such instances. According to my opinion, the court made the right decision in blocking the Environmental Protection Agency's suspension. Such a ruling dealt a blow to the strategy of President Trump in reversing rules set by President Obama (Eilperin, and Mufson). If the president finds an easy way of changing standards and decisions established by former leaders, he will make decisions that will affect the people negatively.
The decisions were made after extensive consultations, and they were made to benefit the people. Same procedures that were used to come up with the rules should be used to reverse the rules. This will only be allowed to happen if there is the need, research and consultations have to be conducted before such a step to change the rules is made (Eilperin, and Mufson). In case the rules are to be reversed, all stakeholders have to be consulted, and their voice heard and considered. Only rules that do not represent the interests of the people should be changed.
Work cited
Eilperin, Juliet, and Steven Mufson. "Federal Court Blocks Trump EPA on Air Pollution." Washington Post, 2017, https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/federal-court-blocks-trump-epa-on-air-pollution/2017/07/03/464a7344-601e-11e7-84a1-a26b75ad39fe_story.html?utm_term=.7f9a10602e25.

July 24, 2021


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