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Your subject seems to be very important because it discusses a societal problem. Pearson (2015) stated in his writing that the propensity of males not to engage in the raising of their children has an effect on society. However, the author has stated that there is a scarcity of literature on what the results are, which seems to be the key goal of your study. As a result, the topic's biggest asset is that it finds a solution to an issue that concerns society as a whole. The articulation of this research topic can be strengthened by adding phrases like ‘a study on’ to the topic to appear like ‘a study on how males lack participation……’ Likewise, the research questions can be articulated better by adding the phrase ‘what is…’ to each question. Finally, you can use a systematic literature review to conduct the research because it involves a detailed analysis of secondary data. Data in any research is very important as it forms the basis in coming up with the conclusion or recommendation that will be drawn at the end of the research thus it is the reason you have taken into account this important area of research.

Work Cited

Pearson, J. (2015). Special Issue Article: Establishing Parenting Time In Child Support Cases:

New Opportunities And Challenges. Family Court Review, 53246.

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The strength of your research topic is that it tackles a major problem in student athletics because according to Reid (2017), most university managers are in a dilemma on whether to pay the students or not. You be more articulate in your research questions by being more precise and succinct with your questions. On methods, it is important that you use a qualitative research method, where data will be collected from participants by use of questionnaires and interviews as suggested by (Chu & Ke 291). Qualitative research method will enable the researcher to collect views, opinions, and preferences of the respondents on paying or not paying student athletes will be beneficial to the university management or students. Upon collection of qualitative data, the common themes can be analyzed to identify the emergence of any pattern around the specific item under study. Likewise, as a researcher you must be keen to identify any deviations within the patterns or themes so that such deviations can be analyzed and explained.

Work Cited

Chu, H., & Ke, Q. (2017). Research methods: What's in the name?. Library And Information

Science Research, 39, pp. 284-294.

Reid, Heather L. (2017). "Why Olympia matters for modern sport." Journal Of The Philosophy

Of Sport 44, no. 2: 159-173. Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost (accessed

November 29, 2017).

November 03, 2022

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