Fitness Tests for Peter

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It is noteworthy to mention that there are important professional responsibilities, which must be kept in mind while addressing the training of a client. These involve the assessment of the body of the client in terms of training, periodization and nutrition. Each aspect is governed by the mutual relationship between the professional and the patient and every component of the training must be given equal attention. Following are some of the responsibilities that must be implemented before any medical conclusion of the client.

Becoming a professional.

The client, who is about to be assessed, must be properly studied and its fitness level must be given equal importance. By fitness level, it is argued that how capable a client is able under a training program? How his metabolism is affected or changed when he does an exercise or what kind of exercises are complimentary for him. All these studies and observations are done on the first or the second with client and they must be figured out with a keen eye.  Being a professional involves strong communication with the client, giving him motivation and adopting an emphatic attitude towards him. In this way, the client feels satisfied and comfortable while he undergoes a training with the professional.

Data collection

Data collection is the composition of fitness test, learning the daily attitudes of clients and their calories intake. All this data helps to form an informative concept of the client and with such a methodology, the professional is able to help the client efficiently.

Guided discovery

This aspect contains the guidance of your patients to technology and AI related notions that can boost healthy routines in the patients. In such a process, the patient is revealed authentic and potential technological mechanisms that can bolster healthy life patterns in a patient and through these discoveries, the patient will be able to know about all those useful treatments, which may avert the patients from unhealthy routines.

Assessment of the cardiovascular endurance

There are many methods to contemplate cardiovascular endurance of patients. These include the a twelve minute run walk test, twelve minute cycle  test and a kasch walk recovery test. These tests include the measurement of the walking distance covered by the patients from a start line to a finish line and under these circumstance, the patient’s cardiovascular endurance is measured precisely. These walks and run ups are then compiled and their respective results are studied comprehensively.

Assessment of your client’s muscular strength.

How much the client can lift is the possible way of assessing his muscular strength. Usually, a client is given some light weights equivalent to four or five kilograms. Client’s stamina and his workability of lifting them is assessed and further conclusions are deduced.

Plan the workout

Once the muscular strength and endurance is checked, the professional may plan a workout. The workout could be composed of cardio or weight lifting depending upon the predilection of the client. One thing needs to be kept in mind while planning the workout that is the nutrition and the diet plan of the client. Diet is an important aspect of the exercise and if physical exertions, without any good diet, are performed then the patient would feel exhausting and fatigued. Many principles and measuring criterions have been outlined by doctors to measure the intensity of the workout, being done by the client. These are the said principle, overload principle, compensating principle and use/disuse principle. All these principles and their cordial manifestations help to create an efficient workout routine for the client and it has many potential prospects as well.

Providing a goal for your clients.

Goal orientation and paving a motivational path for the client is essential, keeping in mind the health and fitness level. A client or a patient can undergo complacent transformation within him unless, he is given a push from his mentor. Mentorship involves high stakes and exhilarating stamina, which should be selfless and sympathetic to the clients. Through such a motivation, the pace of patient’s transformation will reach its pinnacle and surely, the results would appear appeasing.

Fitness tests for Peter

Some important fitness tests for peter will include his running rate, lifting weights and dietary intakes. These tests are self-created with an intention to improve peter’s health lifestyle and bring about healthy changes in his character.

The running test.

Running test, as described above, is done to study the cardiovascular stamina of a patient. As peter wishes to change his sporadic nutrition and wants to adopt a healthy lifestyle, thus, it is mandatory to run. Running would reduce the gloated fat content on peter’s waist and he would think less of eating junk food to avoid becoming obese. So, the running test will stimulate fitness in Peter’s routine.

Finding the maximum heart rate of peter

Peter’s age is twenty eight and if it is subtracted from two hundred and twenty, it equals to one hundred and ninety two. This means that peter is capable of a healthy heart rate and under normal conditions, the blood will flow with a uniform speed. This test will help in finding the blood flow rate of the heart and through it, peters diet can come in control.

Checking the flexibility.

Flexibility of Peter will be checked to see how much contractions or elongations the muscles can do and there are very simple tests to check it. These include the sit-ins, the zipper stretch and sit and reach.

Client’s heart target rate using the Karvonen formula.

Karovenen formula is as follows:

Maximum heart rate – Resting heart rate multiply by percentage of intensity.

From peter’s case study, maximum heart rate is 192

Resting heart rate is 60 considering his age.

Intensity of workout is his ability to lift weights and that is hundred divided by 0.75, which equals to 133

Thus, the karovenn formula gives the answer as:

192-60 multiply 133, which is 17756.

Specific conditions in the client

The specific conditions in the clients have been identified in him by measuring his heart rate, considering his daily exercise routine and the amount of diet he regularly intakes. The result are as follows:

Peter feels exhaustion when he exercises

His diet is not hygiene in its nature and it needs to be changed

Over-exhaustion and soring of muscles is apparent in his fitness level

Aerobic exercises, especially in their light forms, are necessary to reduce his 29 percent body fat.

A twelve week detailed and periodic training program.

This designed program will possibly elevate the fitness regime of Peter and it should be followed with strict adherence and discipline. It is as follows

In the first week

In the first week, stamina building and cardiovascular exercises will be introduced to Peter. He would be assigned to run 50 miles with hourly held breaks at successive intervals of four hours. He needs to consume daily 75 liters of fresh and hygiene water to boost his metabolism and while doing so, he must avoid eating fast and quick foods just to avert any muscle fatigue and exhaustion.

In the second week

Some proper flexing exercises along with extra running will be assigned. Here, the break timing would be prolonged to induce rest and comfort in Peter’s body. Water consumption along with green vegetables notably cucumbers and salad will be given after every meal.

In the third week

The third week will bring about some weight lifting exercises focusing on arms, waist and chest. Each exercise will have ten to fifteen reps with nominal breathing. Weights would be increased in the coming time but their proper execution is important to build muscles.

In the fourth week

The fourth week will look into the performance indicators of peter’s training and the results regarding his fat loss and muscle building will be brought to light. Difference in his muscular transition and cardio endurance will be studied and he will be encouraged to do more in the coming time.

In the fifth week

In the fifth week some relaxing and cheating principles will be brought to light. The cheating principle allows a person to take long breaks while exercising and eventually, peter’s supposed reps will be reduced. He will be brought to 6 or 7 reps but he won’t be allowed to rest or cancel his workout plan.

In the sixth week

The sixth week will mark the completion of one training cycle. Results of peter’s body transition will be marked and analyzed and he may rest completely in four to five days in the sixth week.

The remaining six weeks will follow the aforementioned six week training program and hence, there will be a massive reduction in his weight, bodily figure and mental toughness.

Nutrition program

There are four factors that he should take into account before settling on a nutrition program. These are the calorie requirement, the anticipated activity level, the training period and the frequency of exercises. The people who are regularly involved are advised to undertake high-calorie diets to compensate for the lost energy.

He should also ensure that the frequency at which the meals get consumed is apparent. Due to the high power requirements, he should make sure that he takes three meals every day which consists of a balanced diet (Buys et al. 40). This ensures that the body has a constant supply of energy. Nutritional balance ensures that the body utilizes the excess calories that have been consumed over time.

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