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Football Fans Types

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Title: Types of Fans
Introduction: English Premier League attracts many followers worldwide with each expressing their love for the crew and players in different ways.
Thesis Statement: While the defining traits of the passionate, casual, and glory hunter fans are quite different, their love for the and subsequent contribution to soccer is crucial to the enhancement of the standard of the game.
Body Paragraphs
Passionate fan
Characteristic 1: Dedicating time, electricity and resources to the game
Example: These fans do now not miss games then again costly it may be to attend each home and away
Characteristic 2: Attach emotions to the game, membership and players
Example: Include fans that grieve with players when they have some tragedy
Characteristic 3: Driven by the soul and heart as opposed to the love of the game

Example: Some fans injure themselves and others committed suicide

Casual Fan

Characteristic 1: Have little knowledge of the game, but act as if they do.

Example: Do not know schedules and fixtures of the game.

Characteristic2: Poor use and sometimes misuse the football terminologies, lack understanding of the rules of the game

Example: Confusing the meaning of hand ball and ball to hand, offside rules.

Characteristic3: Do not care about the results

Example: Even when a team loses these fans do not get affected

Glory-Hunter Fan

Characteristic 1: Most detestable, show no emotional attachment

Example: The fans are ready to pick a fight and likes to argue

Characteristic 2: Cheers and glorifies a team on the basis of recent successes and winnings

Example: Mentions the winnings of last season

Characteristic 3: Can easily shift and change their support to rival teams if they become successful and his/her previous team is fading away

Example: Some fans may shift their support from Arsenal to Chelsea owing to the recent successes that the latter has enjoyed in the premier league.


There are different types of fans who grace the English Premier League. The game has a portion of the passionate fans who dedicate their time and energy to the sport, the casual fans who have little knowledge of the game and the glory hunter fans who do not have an emotional attachment but are ready to pick up fights. However, while the manner in which different fans conduct themselves, they are crucial in enhancing the sport through their contributions and support to the various clubs.

August 09, 2021


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