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Foreign Students in American Colleges: Examining the Hostility and Challenges

Foreign students are enrolling in undergraduate and graduate programs in America at higher rates now than in previous years. In the article "Are Foreign Students Still Welcome at Washington Colleges?", the escalating hostility between the local people and the international students attending Washington colleges is examined. In essence, the author seeks to understand the difficulties faced by international students in American colleges and the alterations brought about by their presence in the surrounding communities.

Justifications for the Increase in International Students

Long (2017) offers a number of justifications for her assertions. She first concludes that an American degree is the most esteemed degree in the entire globe, which explains the increase in international students in America. The author goes ahead to indicate that the foreign students are both beneficial to the community colleges given that they pay thrice as much tuition fees as the local American students (Douglas-Gabriel, 2016). However, counters the assertion by indicating that in Washington, the presence of so many foreign students in colleges hampers the learning opportunities that are available to local Washington students. Lastly, Long (2017) indicates that foreign students at the University of Washington are becoming increasingly alarmed given the increase in anti-foreign sentiment which is being propagated by the Washington community. This, she predicates, has further been made worse by Donald Trump's election to the American presidential seat (Long, 2017).

Financial Importance of Foreign Students to American Universities

To verify her claims, the author indicates that the recent influx of foreign students in America is a clear indication that they are financially important to American universities (Long, 2017). The fact that an increasing number of Washington colleges are sending agents to pursue prospective clients in Asia serves as evidence of the benefits of the foreign students in the American colleges. Alternatively, the links the reduction in the number of Chinese students registering for undergraduate and graduate programs to the fear of Trump's policies with regards to foreigners (Long, 2017). Essentially, the foreign students are no longer feeling as safe as they used to in the past.

Appeal to the Reader: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

Similarly, the author employs ethos, pathos, and logos to appeal to the reader. To begin with, she uses logos to create a link between the reduction in the number of foreign students to the increasing hostility towards foreign students in Washington. Consequently, Long (2017) determines that "Trump's election appears to have unleashed an anti-foreigner sentiment" (Long, 2017). This style of appeal is effective given that indeed, recent times have seen an increase in anti-foreigner sentiment across the US – an act that was mainly manifested after the election of Donald Trump. The author further attempts to inspire sympathy for the foreign students through the employ of pathos by stating that "unscrupulous companies overseas promise guaranteed four-year schools" to foreign students (Long, 2017). Consequently, many of these students come to the US only to be met with community hostility that they do not deserve. This appeal style worked efficiently given that it inspires feelings of resentment for the surrounding communities for extending hate to students who have been duped.


Conclusively, the article succeeds in creating a link between the reduction in the number of students in Washington colleges to the growing hostility among the college community members. Through the employ of Logos and Pathos, the author succeeds in communicating the challenges that the foreign students face. She succeeds in inspiring sympathy for the students and loathe for the surrounding communities that practice hate. Intrinsically, it is true that foreign students are becoming more concerned about their safety in the American colleges.


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Long, K. (2017 , January 19). Foreign students at Washington colleges wonder: Are they still welcome? . Retrieved from The Seattle Times :

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